Thursday, March 15, 2007

Weening, teething, soccer and life in general.

-I am weening the boys right now. I am only nursing at night now. They will be 9 months old on the 27th, I think I've done well. Owen is taking the bottle like a champ and Alex isn't. I know it will work itself out soon. I don't have to take anymore of this stuff now! Yippee! It did a fantastic job increasing my milk supply, but it tasted bad. I always had it with a cranberry juice chaser to cut the flavor.

-The prayer request I had posted has turned out well. Everything looked good when she went to see the specialist. She has to go back just in case later.

-The twins moved to the crib 2 nights ago. They've been sleeping in separate bassinets. Alexander figured out how to pull up last night in it and I moved them. Now we have to get another crib so they can stretch out and not wake each other up. Owen stole A-Dawgs covers too. Twins are awesome, everyone should have a set. The boys are also both cutting teeth. FUN!

-We started soccer for V the last week in Feb. Life is super busy with her, between homeschooling, church, soccer, dance, PE and Awana. No one can say my homeschooler isn't socialized. ;-D She is a math wiz and is doing some multiplication (in her head) in the first grade. WILD!

-J is wild and insane. Oh, to be 3 again. He is going to be a total heartbreaker and he thinks he's a Power Ranger.

-We are planting another 500 blackberry plants out where we used to live. (Insane, yes, but not my idea)

-I'm trying to get over a cough that my allergies gave me and Jonathan is just being mister cool. He's been given a new program at work and he is thrilled.

-Life is good! I'm so glad it's warming up! I wore shorts the last 2 days-my legs are sooooo white!

-I haven't died my hair back blond yet, I've had conflicts the last 2 Friday's. I'm pushing to make it happen this Friday (Jonathan said he'd make it happen for me).


Babystepper said...

Sounds like you've been busy. And the kids, too, of course! Fun with the teething and everything. That's great that you could keep them in the bassinet for that long. We're doing the crib/big girl bed debate. Should I move her to a big girl bed when we move or wait a while. I'm thinking wait.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the update. I cannot believe your twins are 9 months. Time flies!

as always, more photos.