Monday, August 28, 2006

The Emmy's

I don’t watch TV much and I didn’t watch the Emmy’s, but congratulations to 24, the only TV show I rent on DVD and Congrats to Kiefer Sutherland.

I really do enjoy that show.  I have listened to a lot of people who love it and a lot of women who love Kiefer and find him sexy and irresistible.  Though I enjoy the show and I think Kiefer plays his role well, I just see him and I think of his father and the crazy pot head he played in Kelly’s Heroes.  I just can’t quite find the sexy/irresistible thing when I think of him as looking like his dad.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


This is amazing and infuriating.  This is one of the reasons I don’t watch much news or read many newspapers, I even take my Internet news with a grain of salt.  The Mark Twain quote in this video says it all.

Unfortunately the news outlets that committed this fraud rarely admit it.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

The world of, "What if...?"

I received a surprising call yesterday evening.  

It was one of those calls where you know something isn’t normal.  You get the prompt of, “Can you go someplace where you won’t be interrupted?”  You have the quick run through in your mind of what the call could be about.  Then the person gives the news.  You may be surprised, but not shocked and you give your congratulations or condolences on the situation.

Last night was a condolence situation, no one died, but the situation just wasn’t what the person wanted or planned for his or her life.

This of course sent my mind to land of “What if…?”  My “What if…?” turned into many about this situation, and then just about my life in general.  Don’t get me wrong here I’m happy about my life and I haven’t tried to answer my “What if…?” questions.  I just started throwing out ones that would have really changed my life.

You’ve been there I know, we all have.

-What if I hadn’t gone to OSU?  (I’m not an OSU fan, so it’s a surprise I went there in the first place)

-What if I hadn’t married Jonathan?

-What if Jonathan had gotten the job in Palmdale, CA?

-What if we didn’t have kids, or had timed them differently?

-What if my parents hadn’t separated when I was 7?

-What if I had graduated from college?

-What if…?

-What if…?

-What if…?

There are so many directions our lives could have gone.  There are so many directions our lives can still take.  The adventure and unknown continue for us all.  The good, the bad and the indifferent.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

What a gift!

Wow.  I am currently listening to a fantastic sound, the sound of thunder.  It has been quite a while since it’s rained here.  It’s currently 77 degrees; it hasn’t made it below 90 before 9pm all week.  I’m going to go and sit on our front porch with a glass of wine and enjoy this moment made for relaxation.

I made the prediction that it would rain this week though.  It always rains the week surrounding my birthday.  Hey, I’m not complaining, with Oklahoma heat I’ll take rain to cool things down a bit in August anytime.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Seriously, just because I had twins and already have 2 children, that doesn’t make me a “poor thing”. I wish people would quit saying it. It’s not just one person; there have been several.

Why the hell do people think my life is so, rough, awful and bad? If I stated that life was like this, then maybe I'd seem like a "poor thing", but I don't.

Ya, so Alex pooped all over my bed yesterday, I changed the sheets.

Ya, so Jackson hit me in the head with a toy sword, I disciplined him.

Ya, so Owen spit up all over the couch, and me, it wiped right up.

Ya, so Victoria asks every question 100 times, I deal with it.

Ya, so my house is ugly, we’re working on it.

Ya, so I have bills due, I have the money.

I call it life!

The funny thing is these things that aren't much fun aren't things I discuss with people. When people call it's, "Hold on Jackson's doing something he shouldn't", or "Victoria just a minute I'm on the phone", or "Can you hold on a minute I need to check the babies." I've explained their monitors when the questions come up and to some degree I use them as an excuse to not take them out and to not have people over that I don't want. My explanations to the questions are very matter of fact. This is what they are for, this is what they do and I don't like packing them around.

On the other side of life…

…Jackson wanted to cuddle mom, not dad last night (he’s so soft and cuddly for being so big and tough). He is also learning to clean up and put together puzzles he dumps very well.

…Owen grinned so big at me and was awesome at the doctor today.

…Alex was so relaxed on my chest after being burped and he too was good at the doctor today.

...Heck the twins have slept between 5-7 hours the last three nights and I've had 2 naps in 3 days. That is totally cool.

…Victoria is the sweetest helper and has made my job so much easier when I’m nursing. She is also attempting to read more (she still memorizes the books when we read them and recites it when she can).

…Jonathan is a huge help and works so hard for our family at work and at home (he’s even going to potty train Jackson for me-he offered).

…We sold the house in OKC and money isn’t so tight.

“Poor Thing” I think not. Lucky that my life is the way it is? Definitely. I'm totally blessed.


Have you heard? If you live in Oklahoma or if you follow college football I bet you have.

Our quarterback is apparently gone, who the other player is I’m not sure.  Here’s what I can’t figure, after the days of Barry Switzer, there is proof that no one is above the rules.  Why did these 2 morons, who knew they were doing something wrong, do it?

Bomar was a pretty good quarterback, but he certainly wasn’t the best, what is he going to do now?  Obviously he’s lost his scholarship and won’t be able to play for another school until next year and it’s too late to attempt going pro.  Will he go play for the OKC Yard Dawgs?  Without the scholarship I bet he’ll drop out of school.  Honestly you think these people could look at the endgame of their decisions.  

I hope Halzle is a decent QB since he seems like the most likely option to take Bomar’s place.  Thankfully two players aren’t the whole team; hopefully recovery will be quick.

I’m not sure where to put Big Red Sports and Imports in the mix.  I know they are the business responsible, I also know they just changed ownership.  Which side was in the wrong, the previous owners or the new one?  I still wouldn’t buy anything from them after the lousy service my sister has received on her Isuzu Rodeo, but I am interested in which set of ownership is to blame.