Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Something ELSE had to break!

Do you hear the screams of insane laughter? Don't worry, it's just me. This morning after typing 2 e-mails, I was going to update the blog with a prayer request and a birthday wish.

Guess what, happened? You'll never guess.

The power surged and fried my power supply. The computer is a Sony, so the power supply is an odd size. I dismantle the case and remove the power and take it to a guy here in town. He's looking for one, but sure enough it was the power supply. He was impressed that I came in disassbled and had correctly diagnosed it. That made me feel good. Now I'm on dial up, on the laptop that runs Windows 98, at 45333bps. Love it.


Please pray for my friend Amanda, she's been sick and in and out of the hospital sine December 11th. She's had pneumonia, and some stomach trouble. Please pray for a speedy recovery and strength!

Last but certainly not least...

Happy Birthday Laura!
Now were both 27, I can't quite believe it. I hope it was great!

Posting will be light from here on. I hate the struggle to dial in, man I miss my DSL.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Something had to break

Okay, so I know it is colder other places, but seriously I am ready for a Hawaiian Island right about now.  More than just heat I desperately want to see the sun.  I am very tired of this dreary overcast winter-and it’s not officially winter yet.

As Christmas and New Years are fast approaching something has to break.  At the moment it is the car.  It still runs, but we have a clog somewhere in the power steering pump.  Now the car makes a fantastic RRRRRRRRRRRR noise every time you turn a corner.  Jonathan’s parents were more than kind and drove up last night to loan Jonathan their 1979 Triumph Spitfire (not their car, but similar).  This is a very fun car that Jonathan drove in college when we began dating.  The only problem is the thermostat is broken.  The high today was supposed to be 33.  I don’t know if it made it.  Jonathan got ready for work (slacks, nice shirt, dress shoes, very good looking) and had to put his coveralls on to drive to work.  My job is to take the grinding Lincoln to buy the new fuel pump, thermostat and a space heater.  Defiantly cheaper then a trip to the shop.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Jonathan spoiled my suprise!

I bought Jonathan’s anniversary present yesterday.  We will be married 7 years December 27th.  He wanted/needed a new watch.  I bought it and ran home and dumped my purchases in the kitchen, so I could run lunch to him and his mother and father.  They were re-plumbing one of his mother’s apartments.  

This morning Victoria was cute and said she wanted to make me breakfast in bed.  I agreed and then remembered everything on the kitchen floor and declined.  He touched nothing I bought (deodorant, bread, juice), absolutely nothing, except the bag with the watch box (under other bags mind you).  I gave it to him then instead of next Tuesday.  I guess it’s fair; I got my table weeks ago.  I was just so frustrated and I gave up breakfast in bed!

Oh, well.  My mom is considering taking the kids overnight and we may get a night off at a hotel in OKC.  I hope it works out and that this late onset of morning sickness goes away so I can enjoy it.  Currently I am VERY queasy if I’m not eating.  If I keep eating I’ll gain the 25-30 pounds (per) I gained the last 2 pregnancies in the first trimester.  No major gain yet, but it’s still a concern.

I can’t believe it’s been 7 years.  I’m glad we got married and started our family young.  We’ve grown so much together.  Jonathan is still funny, frustrating, and fascinating after all these years.  I am truly blessed.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not a bad idea

I don’t see life as something to be taken lightly.  I have 2 kids and one on the way, and I’ve had my share of ultrasounds.  This is a bit of legislation I that I think is pretty good.  Having an ultrasound 24 hours before an abortion I think might cause some people to see and realize it is a baby.  Maybe adoption, or even keeping the baby will be a more viable option to these people, who have seen abortion as a last resort, when they see that baby.

Planned Parenthood doesn’t like it:

Anita Fream, chief executive officer at Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma, says the measure will add an extra expense and one more barrier to access for women seeking abortion services.

My opinion is it’s 24 hours, it’s only one ultrasound, and it may have the potential to save a life.  I think it’s worth it.

The 80's

What 80’s movie is your life most like?

I can’t say I’m a total child of the 80’s; I was in the 5th grade in 1989-1990. I do have two older sisters who graduated high school in 1988 and 1990, so I was well versed for my age. If I could pick my least favorite 80’s movie, of the selections, to have my life most like it would be PRETTY IN PNK. It’s not that I totally dislike PRETTY IN PINK; it’s just not one I’m going to go out and buy. BREAKFAST CLUB, WEIRD SCIENCE, FERRIS BEULLER, 16 CANDLES those are ones I still watch. Take the quiz and share your score!

Prayer Request (updated) Again

Jonathan’s family is just not having luck in the car wreck category.

His cousin Pat’s son Jeremy (age 23?), who lives in Texas, had a wreck yesterday. He fell asleep driving to a final exam. He is now paralyzed from the neck down. He is married and his wife is expecting their first child January 9th. Please keep Jeremy and his family, the doctors and the hospital in your prayers. He is a large guy, and the respirator is having trouble keeping him breathing since his surgery. They are giving him a month to live, but I bet he has the will to keep going for that baby.


*Update* 12/14/2005

The general surgeon wasn't as grim as the nero surgeon! He said Jeremy will only be in ICU for a month. They've been able to give him less oxygen! His wife Cami also saw him shrug slightly, move his arm slightly and he did put his hand around an object! CAN I HEAR A WOOWHOO?!?!


Okay, Jeremy is getting 50% of his oxygen now off of the ventilator instead of 100%. Someone asked if he could move his arm and he ran is hand up his chest, and he did squeeze and object! Jeremy was very lucky. Here are some new details. He nodded off and when he pulled the wheel back he rolled. A nurse saw him roll (she never drives that road and had her schedule changed twice that day). She ran up and he was turning blue, because his neck was broken and his air was cut off. She moved him enough so he could breath until the paramedics came. WOW! His wife will be able to have the baby in the hospital he is in. Please pray for continued improvement and that he doesn't get pneumonia.    

Why Can't I Get Arrested?

Ann Coulter!  Whether you love her or hate her, this is a great article.  I find her funny and entertaining.  She’s one of those people that just riles people up.  It’s like Rush Limbaugh; I love politics, but most importantly these people are funny and entertaining.  You don’t have to agree, just laugh.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I want to go to bed.

I’m not sure if it’s pregnancy, stupidity or some combination thereof.

Yesterday my in-laws came and took me to get sheetrock for our upstairs utility project. It was going to rain, so we really needed to get it in. The best location for it was upstairs (that where the utility will be). Needless to say, being the bullhead that I am I helped. We bought a total of 6 pieces of ½” and 7 pieces of 5/8”. As it stands today every muscle in my stomach hurts, because they decided to just let go. The muscle pain isn’t helped, by a nagging catch in my low back and these to things are killing my appetite and making me feel icky. I’m not really queasy, but then again I am a little queasy.

I just really wish I could take a blasted ibuprophen. Tylenol is worthless.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Puzzling (updated)


Did I want it for $101? Heck NO! I loved that toy, but not that much. I'll just wait until Rubik's brings it back again. WOW!


Okay, so here is where I start whining like a baby.


Ah, much better! Yes, I am freaking out about a Rubik’s puzzle. Is there really anything geekier than that? I had one of these as a kid (before 5th grade and could do it). I loved this puzzle, that is until my older, stupid, male cousin wouldn’t listen to me when I explained it and broke it. Yes, mine was a master edition (silver) circa 1987. It had 5 rings instead of 3 to solve. You can buy the 3-ring kind, but I want the one like I had. I went to the Rubik’s site and the master is discontinued…again.

You have no idea how much I would love to be totally frivolous and bid on that ebay auction. I just can’t in good conscience justify $63.19 for one plus international shipping. That’s only the current price.

Could someone please explain why when I find one of these on ebay, they are always in England? Are these puzzles just more popular there?


Does anyone have any advise on the front of finding an AGGRESSIVE realtor to sell my house in OKC. I went with a friend who worked for a great company in Norman. I made some mistakes here. This is not a company prominent in the area I lived in, and the realtors just weren’t doing what I needed to sell our NW OKC home. I need help in the search for an AGGRESSIVE NORTH OKLAHOMA CITY SELLER. Any advise would be well appreciated in the selection process.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Someone needs to turn the heater on!

I took down the snow progression pictures.  They were up just so Jonathan would have a visual of what he was driving into.  At that time it wasn’t snowing in Tulsa.  Now is another story.  It’s snowing most places.  The hospital called and cancelled our tour of the maternity ward.   I had to cancel my appointment with my Doctor in Norman tomorrow.  Leaving at 5:30AM to drop Jonathan off and arrive at my appointment with the expected ice just isn’t worth it.

I just talked to my sister.  She ran by our house in the city on her way to her Law school final.  The kitchen, and upstairs bathroom faucets aren’t frozen, but the downstairs bathroom is.  This means we get to drive down to OKC Friday, on Jonathan’s day off, so we can fix it, when it thaws.  I just wish that house would sell.  I hate having to pay for utilities we aren’t using.  Why we can’t winterize our house, I don’t know.  Paying for water and trash service you don’t use, plus the gas to try to keep things from freezing totally stinks.

I hope everyone is keeping warm and driving safe!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Germ Quiz

Maybe I’m a bit sick, but I found this interesting. I scored 8/11. 2 of the ones I got wrong I debated between the correct answer and my guess. Take the Quiz and share your score!

1,022 and counting?

Okay, so I posted earlier that 1,010 had visited my blog.  Since then 12 more have come.  I’ve had a total of 29 today.  My usual run is about 11 people a day.  I’m not sure why I’m being visited so much today, but very cool.  It must be a glitch in site meter, but it makes me feel like a stud.


I forgot one minor pregnancy symptom.  I can go from just fine, to queen of all evil in .00000001 seconds.  No, no tears or depression, just bitchies to rival even the worst case of PMS.  At moments my only way of communication is yelling and yelling loader.  Maybe it’s because the kids are a bit more whinny and destructive today, maybe not.

Oh, lotto tree. Oh, lotto tree. How ....

Oklahoma voted for a lottery.  I didn’t personally and I haven’t contributed one red cent to it, nor do I approve of it.  I found this article funny.

Isn’t it great that the schools create trees and one uses lotto tickets to make the ornaments and officials get offended and remove it?  With as big as the state is on getting our money you think they’d love it.


I can’t believe that my site has had 1,010 hits.  I know that most are repeats, but that still sounds neat.  Thanks for stopping by!


I could use a bit of help, if anyone has any advice.  I would appreciate some picture formatting help.  I upload picture into blogger, but it just places them and I can’t seem to get them positioned where I want them.  They are always at the top and I would like to adjust them within my text.  Any tips or pointers will be great.

The Laundry Quandry

We have a very cool old house, with one major flaw (outside of bad decorating); there is no utility room. Why? Honestly I have no idea. Our neighbors said they thought there used to be a room off of the breakfast nook, that was the utility room, but it had a fire and was torn down. I’m not sure if there was, there is no real evidence of a foundation there, but this house is 105 years old. Evidence sometimes is hard to find.

They changed an upstairs bedroom into a bathroom and removed the original bathroom, but left pipes and a drain. We are currently living with our washer upstairs where a shower used to be and the dryer in the kitchen where a stove plug is. No lugging the laundry up and down isn’t fun and it’s taking over.

Saturday Jonathan took a very heavy hammer and busted out the concrete shower floor. He finished removing the concrete Sunday. I helped some, but they tell you to limit lifting when your pregnant and concrete is never light. He has also removed some of the floorboards to replace the sub floor. He also took out a wall. We forgot to take a picture before, so I hope you enjoy the current pictures.

Our kitchen ceiling has been lowered for the original 10 ft to 8 ft and we now know why. The shower leaked on the ceiling and instead of removing and fixing it they lowered it. Most things done in this house were done half way. Sheetrock was put on without removing trim, so it over laps, plugs were put in and baseboards had to be cut, because the didn’t measure before they put it in. This wouldn’t be a big deal except that it has been done over and over again. We have lots of work to do. I wish our other house would sell so we had the cash to do more work on this one.


Am I really pregnant?

I must admit this pregnancy so far has been different. I just don’t feel pregnant. Am I complaining? NO! I just know at this point with V. and J. I was experiencing queasiness. My only flare-ups have been when I was too hungry or very hot. The hot one has only happened in the shower (since it’s way to cold to be hot any other time right now). I am getting a little bit more tired. My first appointment is set for Thursday in Norman, but we may have snow so I may have to cancel.

I’m not too thrilled with the hospital up here where we live. I am still waiting to tour the maternity ward, it’s like pulling eye teeth to get a tour. I’m not one to sign on to a hospital I don’t want to go to. I’ve toured wards before and it takes very little time. Especially at smaller hospitals where the wards aren’t very busy. All it takes is a free nurse and about 10-15 minutes, when the mom has few questions.

Perhaps I’m being to picky, but let me run these numbers by you. The average prices in Oklahoma are around $2,200 to the doctor for prenatal care and delivery fee, $7,000 for the hospital for a 2-day stay and no complications. This doesn’t include lab work or ultrasounds. Fortunately we have insurance, but I still get to shell out $800 out of pocket. That’s fine, I’m not complaining about what I’m paying to have a baby, but I want to have this kid where I want and delivered by whomever I choose. Jonathan understands and agrees. Some people think I’m crazy to stay with my mom the last month if I don’t like this hospital, but comfort in labor, delivery and recovery, and plenty of people to watch the kids while I’m in the hospital mean a lot to me. Right now Norman in winning the hospital debate.

I’m going to add a new photo album for pregnancy soon. We’ve taken a few pictures of my stomach and will update to watch it expand. To some that may be gross, but you don’t have to look at the pictures if you don’t want to. As of tomorrow I will be 7 weeks pregnant.

Coming Soon: THE NAME GAME!

Goblet of Fire

I know I blogged on the Harry Potter movie before it came out, but I haven’t since we went to see it. I will say I’m glad to know I’m not the only HP obsessed person out there. We had tickets to see it the day it came out the IMAX at 2:20 in the afternoon, since Jonathan’s Aunt passed we exchanged our tickets for the next Saturday.

WOW! We arrived 25 minutes early and were in the last 20 people in line! We ended up on the second row; I had wanted to sit farther back. Oh, well.

The movie did not disappoint! It was fun, a bit freaky and it remained true enough to the book to satisfy me. Did I have issues with it? Yes. Enough to not enjoy it or recommend it? No. I must admit I would have sat through 6 hours and an intermission if it would have been possible. We all must deal with things being cut from our books for the sake of time in a movie. Now I’m just getting very impatient again waiting for book 7 and movie 4 on DVD! I guess I’ll go through and check out the books on tape or CD again to listen to while I work on the house and for our Christmas and New Years road trips. I love books on tape for the car.