Friday, March 23, 2007

Out of Commission

My main PC's power supply went out and then Monday my back up did the same. I am out of town at my mom's, so I thought I would check in and let you all know that I am not dead. I'm just without a computer or internet access at home. I think the main PC will be back up when I get home tonight. I'll try to get caught up on your lives and I'll do something with the pictures soon.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 16, 2007


I had my hair highlighted today. I didn't go all out blond. I need a bit of a tan before I can do that.

The other computer is still down. Pictures will come later.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


I know and apologize for the lack of pictures. Our main computers power supply blew (again) and I am functioning on my (very old) back up. I have taken a bunch of pictures, but I can't access them. Once Big J gets me up and running again I promise there will be pictures

Weening, teething, soccer and life in general.

-I am weening the boys right now. I am only nursing at night now. They will be 9 months old on the 27th, I think I've done well. Owen is taking the bottle like a champ and Alex isn't. I know it will work itself out soon. I don't have to take anymore of this stuff now! Yippee! It did a fantastic job increasing my milk supply, but it tasted bad. I always had it with a cranberry juice chaser to cut the flavor.

-The prayer request I had posted has turned out well. Everything looked good when she went to see the specialist. She has to go back just in case later.

-The twins moved to the crib 2 nights ago. They've been sleeping in separate bassinets. Alexander figured out how to pull up last night in it and I moved them. Now we have to get another crib so they can stretch out and not wake each other up. Owen stole A-Dawgs covers too. Twins are awesome, everyone should have a set. The boys are also both cutting teeth. FUN!

-We started soccer for V the last week in Feb. Life is super busy with her, between homeschooling, church, soccer, dance, PE and Awana. No one can say my homeschooler isn't socialized. ;-D She is a math wiz and is doing some multiplication (in her head) in the first grade. WILD!

-J is wild and insane. Oh, to be 3 again. He is going to be a total heartbreaker and he thinks he's a Power Ranger.

-We are planting another 500 blackberry plants out where we used to live. (Insane, yes, but not my idea)

-I'm trying to get over a cough that my allergies gave me and Jonathan is just being mister cool. He's been given a new program at work and he is thrilled.

-Life is good! I'm so glad it's warming up! I wore shorts the last 2 days-my legs are sooooo white!

-I haven't died my hair back blond yet, I've had conflicts the last 2 Friday's. I'm pushing to make it happen this Friday (Jonathan said he'd make it happen for me).