Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's doing it again!

My yard still has ice (I mean lots of ice) from the previous storm. You had 2 options of what to walk on swamp or ice. Now your options are again snow and ice.

This picture is from across the street. Parts of our 3 porch roofs still have snow (or ice). You can still see 2 mounds on each side of my front porch roof where it pours off the roof.

This picture is from one of our side porches and looks across to the art gallery across the street. Yes, there is an art gallery across the street (it's too cool). The drive in front is still a solid sheet of ice. I walked across to talk to Jody (the owner) and I almost fell on my rear (again). The last thing I need is my tail bone bruised again. It still isn't totally healed.

Oh, well let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I've never seen this much snow in my life in Oklahoma. I'm ready to see it go.


I just went through my blog roll. I don't have all of my frequented blogs on my page. I go to my friend Jeremy's and I go through his and then on to his wife Tiffany's and through her list. I was excited to see something precious posted on both of their pages today. Their first child was born Monday and he is a cutie!

Congrats! Cooper is adorable! I hope you all are doing well, sleep when you can!

Yoga and the Alternative

For those of you who know me well, you know I work out when I can. I'm not the most consistent, but I do it and I enjoy it when I do. I especially love lifting weights. I also enjoy Yoga. The Yoga I do doesn't involve meditation it is strictly an exercise video. When it is all said and done I know that Yoga is almost synonymous with Hinduism (ask any Hindi and they will agree).

I have found and alternative I am eager to buy and try. It's called Praise Moves, the Christian Alternative to Yoga. This is really interesting and they have a kids version and a non Christian version for the public school system called Power Moves.

This morning before we began Victoria's school work we did my Power Yoga for Energy video, just to get her focused. I hadn't done it in a while, but it felt really good to stretch and get myself energized. I think Praise Moves Kids would be great for her, she really liked it.

Home Improvement II (Pictures)

I didn't get a real before picture. I only got one after we had started the removal. I will also find some time soon to post pictures of Jackson's room (which is only in need of period trim replacement), the utility/sewing room renovation (crown mold and paint are left to complete this) and a post of the insane amounts of decoupage, gross wallpaper, cork tile and paneling just for a laugh.

For the moment here is a before and during photo of one wall of the dining room. This room will be painted 2 tone. The top will be a spicy brown mustard color and below chair rail height will be a red/brown (almost mahogany or dark cherry wood) color wash.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Home Improvement (UPDATED)

Kelly I will post pictures as soon as I find my camera to dump them. I love my kids, but I wish they would leave my camera alone. :)

Saturday my family came up to celebrate Jackson's birthday. The usual things occurred, we ate, opened presents, hung out, played, moved furniture and started a home improvement project in a matter of about 5 hours. Projects and furniture moving ended up on the list. This is a strange, yet normal phenomena in my family.

Jonathan and I have a great and old house in NE Oklahoma (it's in the photo album). It's just under 2800 square feet with a 900 square foot attic that has a full set of stairs to it. Sometime in the 1970's the owners paneled most of the house followed by the next owners adding insane amounts of decoupage(sp?) to the mix. The house is structurally sound, but it is a restoration project. Jonathan and I love these projects and do most of the work ourselves.

My mom and I were in the dinning room which is currently another living room since we don't have a table big enough to do it justice right now. We were talking about moving the game table Victoria does most of her schooling at to the window so she had more light. Thus the furniture began to move.

Later my sister asked Jonathan what needed to be done to take the paneling down. We hadn't started that, b/c we removed paneling upstairs and it was glued and nailed to the walls. The walls were Sheetrock, so it ripped of the top layer of paper and it was a big skimming job. We assumed the downstairs was still plaster under the paneling or that it was glued to Sheetrock. We really weren't in the mood to remove plaster yet or to skim 10 foot walls. So we just hadn't started.

Jonathan decided to take a butter knife and pry back a peace of paneling. Guess what? No glue and no plaster. The walls were Sheetrock underneath. Trim and paneling soon was removed. We are going to do one wall at a time. Jonathan and I went and bought paint that night. Jonathan has since removed the 2 feet of acoustic spray from he wall. With 10 foot ceilings they put up an 8 foot piece of paneling and then applied 2 feet of acoustic spray to the wall the crown molding (I said it was a restoration project). We are relieved. We are now patching and skimming the wall. We hope to paint and faux finish the wall by the end of next week. Then it's one wall down and 3 to go.

Back with 4 posts.

Okay, so I may not get logged in often, but I make up for it, by posting several things when I do. I also apologize for not posting comments still and lurking on your blogs, but I still visit you faithfully almost everyday. Sometimes even more then once. Ya, I have better things to do, but I love reading other peoples writing and seeing their pictures. Often tiems you remind me that I'm not crazy and that we all experience a lot of the same stuff.

Since I can't use my blogger as easily as before I've been using myspace more. I don't really like myspace. One funny thing has happened, I was warned that it was addictive. Now regardless of my dislike of it, I must admit I am addicted. Myspace is Internet CRACK. Yes, My name is Sara and I am a myspace addict. I may have to delete my account, maybe not.

The more things change...

...oh, forget it they don't stay the same.

Last week was a big week at our house. My hair wasn't the only groovy thing.

For those of you who don't know Jonathan is an aerospce enigneer and he is a program manager/design engineer of aircraft interiors. Jonathan had his review at work last Thursday and he heared Monday that he is being promoted to Senior Engineer (or level III). This is totally awesome (we love raises)! He started at this company 1 1/2 years ago at a level I (because he changed the area he worked in). One of the guys he works with said, "It's about damn time they promoted you to Sr." Needless to say he's walking on cloud 9. We have no confirmation yet, but it looks like he may be the only one to make Sr out of the level II's.

Pediatric Purgatory

We went to Chuck E Cheese's for Jackson's birthday. That place is nuts. I remembered when we decided to go that a friend of mine in OKC had called it Pediatric Purgatory. No, I'm not Catholic, nor do I believe in purgatory, but I think this is an appropriate name.

At least it's not as crazy as The Incredible Pizza Company.

10 years

It's been almost 10 years since I started coloring my hair. I was 18 and a senior in high school. I knew my hair was getting darker, so I started dying it blond. The cost and maintenance of the blond has gotten old. Friday I did what any resourceful mother would do. I sent my husband to Wal-Mart with the 4 kids and a list, while I got my hair cut and colored. I had them dye my hair to match my roots. I must admit it has been a bit of a shock, but I'm getting used to it and I like it. I never believed that blonds have more fun, I guess now I'll find out.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson!

Happy Birthday my little man. You get to be a bigger helper and even more handsome every day. I love you!

Here is a picture of Tuesday's haircut, for a little boy who turns 3 on Friday. Yes, Jackson turns 3 on Friday. It seems like he has suddenly turned form a baby to a big kid. Potty training is still moving and the accidents are getting fewer. I just don't know where my baby went.

Tomorrow we are making a trip to the city. Our local Wal-Mart hasn't stocked the toys back up yet. We will be making a trip to Toy's R Us and/or Target and maybe even Chuck E Cheese. We had planned on buying his gifts last Friday, but with the storm we haven't left the house since Saturday morning. Jonathan has only left for work. I hope what's coming Saturday isn't as much as they think.

Blogger Help

From blogger help:
Users who have their Internet Explorer security settings set to “High” may have trouble logging in. After signing in, they see a “Click here to continue” link that does nothing. One work around is to right-click on this link and choose “Open in a new window.” — latest update on Saturday, December 09, 2006
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I found this. I've already found this work around on my own over a week ago. Unfortunately it doesn't help when I'm not logged in and want to post a comment on one of the blogs I frequent. I am now a lurker, because I lose my comment. Also this work around doesn't always work. When I went into Internet Explorer to check my security settings I found nothing that said mine were set to high, so I can't remedy it there. Mine are currently custom set and I'm not seeing what could cause the problem.

If you are having a similar problem I hope this helps. The "click to continue" is also in a pale color and almost impossible to see. I really don't like having to log in every 5 minutes. It is now a hassle.

Does anyone manage to stay logged in to blogger for more then one Internet session? I'm booted even if I just shut the page, but don't log out of my browser.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Time Out

The new blogger is still not my friend. It is like pulling eye teeth to log in. I have to go to the blogger home, sign in, then right click and open a new window. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have to re log in every time I shut my browser (not even logging off). I apologize to the many of you I have written post to, that haven't received them, I lose them each time I'm not already logged in.

I have changed my cookie settings and I have looked through help files. I have even been offered help from fellow bloggers, but I've already tried the solutions before. As my frustration mounts my time on blogger is less. Though I hate myspace, I am using it more often, because at least I can post without hassle. I am reading your pages and if you check here thank you for checking in. I hope to be up and running again soon, but until then with this brief post I bid you farewell.

Friday, January 05, 2007


Why did I think it was a good idea to change to blogger beta? I can hardly get logged into the blog. I have tried for at least 3-4 days to log in and I can't even post comments on the sites I want to comment on. I'm a bit frustrated. I'm not even sure what I did right this time. I've been trying to bypass a bunch and finally I weaseled my way in. Well, I guess I'll post the pic I've been trying to for 2 days.

Here is Jackson after his first fun dip. He ate the stick quickly and then used his finger. It was green apple. I don't remember that flavor from my youth, but times change.