Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Puzzle

The previous post is about the Rubik’s Magic Rings Master Edition, circa 1987.  This is the second challenge and has 12 flat panels.  The first challenge from 1986 has only 3 rings and has a black background and only 8 panels.  The picture is of one of the solutions the other kind of zigzags and looks like unlinked Olympic rings.  You fold and unfold to get to the solutions.

I received one of these for Christmas when I was around 8 years old.  My cousin broke it and I have wanted another ever since.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I'm a Winner!

It’s about stinkin’ time. I finally won on ebay and at a price I’m not disgusted at paying. I blogged about this stupid thing months ago. Now I can blog about it making me nutty, not trying to find it.

I will now have one more thing to frustrate me other then my children.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Video Blogging Question

Does anyone know how to put video on the blog?  

4th of July we did a great display using Mentos and Diet Coke, that I would love to share with you all.  It was amazing.

Web Nursery

Here are the boy’s web nursery photos.  Can someone tell me, do they make the babies suck lemons before their pictures?

Here’s Owen


Here’s Alex.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Driving Quiz

You are driving in a car at a constant speed.

On your left side is a valley and on your right side is a fire engine traveling at the same speed as you.

In front of you is a galloping pig, which is the same size as your car, and you cannot overtake it.

Behind you is a helicopter flying at ground level.

Both the giant pig and the helicopter are also traveling at the same speed as you.

What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation?


Get off the children's "Merry-Go-Round". You're drunk.

*Thanks for sending this to me Michelle!


Maybe NICU wasn’t a totally bad thing.  Would I go through it again by choice?  Not a snowballs chance in hell.

The reason I’m thinking this is that so far it hasn’t been too bad having all of the kids and being home by myself.  I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that I had 2 ½ weeks of recovery time before having to take on 2 more.  I really wouldn’t wish it on anyone, just for the emotional roller coaster, but physically I’m not totally wiped out (just close).

I will also say that I am so glad at my hospital choice, my experience over all couldn’t have been better.  The staff and the facilities at Norman Regional helped a lot in the long run.  My only complaint was the long trip to the bathroom from the NICU, that’s not half bad.  


To answer Jeremy's question, the boys are identical. The specialist had been able to tell us this at our first ultrsound with him, I was amazed he could tell us that and I even hoped he might be wrong. Now, that they are here and I see that they are it's kindof exciting. If their monitors didn't have their names on them we would have to mark them. If they are right next to each other and facing up you can tell which is which, because Alex weighs a little more and right now a little goes a long way. When they weigh more and the monitors are gone we will be in trouble.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A quick rundown

Here I am moments after loading the car and moments before exiting for the hospital. I swear that beach ball was going to pop. Here I am 5-7 days after having the boys. Now that it's been 2 1/2 weeks my belly is almost gone. I just can't wait for my hips to return to normal and to loose the last half of the weight (if that ever really happens).
This is Owen under and oxygen hood in his isolete. It was tough not being able to really touch him. The little doors in the sided just weren't enough to satisfy me.

Alex was under an oxygen hood to, but he wasn't completely enclosed. He was easier to love on. The isolete didn't stop Victoria from getting up close, holding hands, saying prayers, singing songs and reading books to Owen. She did the same things for Alex too.
Jackson loves the boys, but he'd still rather play. He was only allowed into the NICU in short bursts, because he would yell at the babies to "Get UP!" He refers to them as "My Baby" or "My Babies".
Alex's little foot. With the flash off this picture looks like the light in ET's finger is in his foot.
After they removed the Umbilical Arterial Catheter (UAC) I was allowed to hold Alex. We weren't allowed to hold Owen until the next day when his was removed. On this day they removed Owen from a private room in the NICU to the room where most of the babies were, and to the station next to Alex.
Here is Jonathan holding them both together for the first time. At this point they were hooked up to normal IV's so this was a close as we could get them without disconnecting something. You can't see it, but they each have a NG tube in their nose to eat through. Who thought up the idea of eating through your nose? I always hate it when things come out my nose in laughter. Naturally the boys had to have theirs reinserted at least once a day, because they ripped them out.
Owen is screaming (he doesn't cry he shrieks), I guess it's time to change his pants or feed him. I'll go wake Alex too.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Thanks again to everyone for your words of encouragement and your prayers. This may be hard, but my frame of mind is better and this is getting easier, because of that. You all brighten my day. Normal blogging (and topics other then pregnancy and babies) will resume soon, as I am now better capable of streaming my news and infomation on the internet (and I'm not transfixed by cartoons on cable).

Wow, it’s amazing how nice it is to return to my own bed. The spare bed at moms house is newer, and after sleeping on it for 2 months I wondered what it would be like to home and in my own bed. It was great, and I don’t particularly think my bed is comfy. I am gearing myself up for tomorrow, when I am left alone with all 4 kids. I have successfully feed the twins at the same time (nursed, bottle feed, burped and diaper change) in about and hour. That takes a lot of the scare out. When we were feeding separately, with Jonathan bottle-feeding them it was taking an hour. Now that I can nurse at the same time the time is getting better.

Without further ado, here they are Owen Banks (on the left) and Alexander “Alex” Sloan (on the right). This was taken on Sunday, July 9th, right after they were put in the same bed together.

Friday, July 14, 2006


As of about 12:30 PM today we officially have our children. We roomed in last night and came to moms this afternoon. We will be leaving for B’ville Saturday morning. Per instructions given to us at the hospital we will be limiting the kids outings and visitors, until instructed otherwise by our physician. I’m not complaining about his, because I have to feed every 3 hours by their orders as well (this takes one hour if Jonathan and I are tag team breast feeding and bottle feeding, it’s 2 hours if it’s just me). With the monitors for their “brady’s” we also are packed like we are going for a long trip, just to the next room. I’m on my own this next week and then my mom is coming to visit the week after.

Thank you all for your thoughts, kind words and prayers. I can’t wait to get home and post pictures. This adventure is a strain, but it’s pretty fun ( and tiny) too.

Monday, July 10, 2006


I finally broke down. We were told yesterday, that we were going to get to room in with Owen and that we were going to bring him home today. I was about to load the car for the hospital and Jonathan called and said our rooming in had been cancelled. He had an episode of bradycardia (heart rate drop); this was the same reason Alex wasn’t being released. They have both been put on medication for reflux. We are going to request heart monitors for them when we do go home, we’ll talk to the doctor about that today.

I cried when I was released from the hospital a week and a half ago, and I’ve held the tears back pretty well this far. Watching mom’s be released with their babies, while I’m walking in with milk for my babies has been tough too. Yesterday I worked on getting our laundry done and getting us packed all afternoon. I wouldn’t have done that and I would have been at the hospital with my babies if I had known I wouldn’t be with them last night. I know this is for the best, but it’s getting hard. The kids are so ready to go home too. Wednesday we will be here 2 months. The kids have at least seen home. I have only seen it in pictures.

Last nights nurse went up to the Women and Children’s center and got a full sized crib for the boys to share. They were even wrapped in the same blanket. That is making this a bit more bearable. They just belong together.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Owen and Alex

Owen Banks was born at 12:31PM, and weighed 4lbs 10oz and was 17 inches long and Alexander Sloan was bor at 12:32PM, and weighed 5lbs and was 18 inches long on Tuesday, June 27th.

The babies where put in NICU, because their lungs were immature and they were experiencing respiratory problems. It's was and is tough to see them hooked up to so much stuff, but in the last 2 days a ton of stuff has been removed. The are no longer under oxygen hoods, they have had their UAC's removed (Umbilical Arterial Catheter, used for blood draws and to check gas levels in the blood), their IV's are now in their wrists instead of their navel. Owen had a blood transfusion yesterday for anemia and the boys are now "eating" expressed milk through a tube in their nose. Alex may be showing some signs of apnea, but it's unconfirmed. We have now held both of them, I held Alex yesterday and today we held both of them today. They are doing really well. After we left Friday night was when the big improvements came. I guess it's along the lines of a watched pot never boils, I didn't sleep much in the hospital. We always had nurses or techs in, and then I kept running back and forth to the NICU.

I know it sounds bad, but it's not as bad living this as it sounds. The hardest parts for me have been Tuesday when I wasn't allowed out of my room to see them until 8PM and the first time I saw them after surgery they were just shy of untouchable, and Friday when I signed the papers for the blood transfusion and realized I was leaving that night. We are doing well dealing with all of this and we appreciate all of the prayers you have lifted up on our behalf. They are working and we are really at peace with everything going on. We haven't heard, but we are hoping to get them out Tuesday or Wednesday.

I have to go, we are off to the hosital again.

PS Owen had been in a room by himslef and they moved him to the main NICU room, right next to Alex, so they are as close to together as they've been since Tuesday (Jonathan did hold them at the same time today).