Wednesday, March 26, 2008

So, I've been in hidding.

Not really, but I'm a bit behind on my posts.

Jonathan turned the big 3-1 today. I made steak, scalloped potatoes and New York Style cheesecake to soften the blow.

We went to Norman (Friday through Sunday) to visit family and we went to Bristow Wednesday to visit friends.

V is auditioning for High School Musical tomorrow.

I got new glasses (red horn rimmed, so groovy) last Monday.

V's floor is almost done. I bought bedding, now I need to make or buy curtains. Then we are down to paint and trim. YIPEE!!

Both babies are fussy (I blame more teeth or allergies).

We are going to the OSU surplus auction Saturday morning.

I've also tired to figure out how to start making stained glass "art". I'm not artistic, but I have a need for a few pieces and I think I can do it (there are tons of books with patterns). We'll see.

I also messed up or pulled something in my back. I'm a little sore during the day (no big deal), but it hurts beyond belief at night and it's making sleep hard (I pulled off the bottom sheet I tossed so much last night). Feeling like I can function during the day has made me think I don't need to go to the doctor. It's been about a week, I hope it goes away on its own soon.

So, how are you?

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The New England Primer and Teachers Unions

Terry in response to what you said about teachers unions, I totally understand and agree. That is the reason my father-in-law "retired" from teaching. He wouldn't join the union and his contract wasn't renewed, I think about 11 years ago. He's the kind of teacher you would love to have, full of knowledgeable, fun, funny, and interesting. My husband has been blessed with some of his gifts and can explain anything, so anyone can understand it. That helps when I can't.

As for curriculum it may not be the New England Primer and it's just for English, but Victoria's current English book is from around 1900. It's called Primary Language Lessons. I've been more impressed with the selections that come from my curriculum provider, then any others I've looked at. It uses a lot of real books and some of them are pretty old. It's good stuff.

Monday, March 10, 2008


This past June was my 10 year high school reunion. Did I go? No. Did I care? No. Since that time I've done a lot of thinking about my 4-H friends. These are the people who mattered to me and had a greater impact in shaping me. I've made attempts at finding and contacting old friends, but when you want to reunite from an orginazation and not a school it's harder to find those people.

I posted a letter to my 4-H friends on facebook and I plan to do the same on myspace later today or tomorrow.

Any suggestions as I begin a greater search?

Friday, March 07, 2008


My little buddy Xander (that's what we call Alex now) says that all the time now and Owen mimics the Empirors March from Star Wars. I'm so proud of my little geeks!

The tall and SHORT of it. (UPDATED)

Short women may live longer.

Yeah, for me I'm only 5'2".

I can verify we are meaner.

This could spell trouble.

You can read it here, or you can get the RD (Readers Digest) version from me. In the 2nd Appellate Court in Los Angeles it has been ruled that you can't home educate your children without teaching credentials.

As most of you know we homeschool in Oklahoma. Whether you agree with that or not doesn't matter to me. I have my reasons, just as others have their reason for sending their kids to public or private school. I don't have credentials (I was working toward my BS in Aerospace Engineering), but I do have the help and support of both of my in-laws who are credentialed and a friend who is a retired school teacher for support. My curriculum is sound and and developed by credentialed individuals. My children are also VERY socialized (I honestly think I run around more homeschooling then if I didn't).

Most people who are against homeschooling have little understanding of it. My usual gripe that I get deals with them being involved with other kids. We belong to a group called BCHEF (B'ville Christian Home Educators Fellowship-you don't even have to be Christian to join-one family was Hindi). My children have church, 4-H, P.E., swimming lessons, holiday parties, field trips, sports and V even attends an enrichment program one day a week with other kids (for music, P.E, science, art-things that are more fun in a group). We also have the only trampoline in the neighborhood and we have a handful of kids in our backyard whenever the weather is good.

If testing is the issue people have, a private school here in town will allow us to let our children sit for standardized testing for $20. Some think hoemschooling isn't regulated enough, but why is that an issue when in Oklahoma homeschooled children are winning the robots competitions, spelling bees, geography bees and they are begin heavily courted by universities.

Credentials mean very little to me in the realm of education. I've had my fair share of credentialed "teachers" who were narrow minded, poor educators who had a pitiful grasp of the subject matter, and should never be allowed to be around children or teens.

My husband and I are both smart people who were never challenged in school. We received good grades for minimal effort. We want our children to have a challenge. Educators will tell you that 1 on 1 education is the most effective. I love that she can accelerate at what she is good at and that we can pull back and work longer on the things she struggles with. My daughter is like me, independent and she is just as content to be alone as she is in a group. I want her to remain her own person, not turn in to societies Lindsey Lohan/Paris Hilton knock offs (I'm giving Brit a break here).

I can site friends who were homeschool, that are well rounded, "normal" individuals. The best example I can site here is my friend Jeremy, who's blog is listed in my links. I understand the reasons people don't homeschool, I respect their decisions. I just wish more people would respect ours.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Getting back to normal.

If you read this post, things are getting better. I'm on a roll, I've been up before 8am (before 7 Sunday and Monday) for 4 whole days now. Ya, it's not much, but it's all I've got.

The caffeine consumption is still way too high, but I'll work my way back down.

I think everyone is better finally. We did have some puke Sunday and yesterday, but it was minimal and short lived (and Sunday I was singing in the first service when it hit) and I haven't had to clean much up.