Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I am reading Tesla Man Out of Time, listening to Harry Potter 7 on the computer, and trying to teach myself to knit...but not at the same time.

I decided to take a hand at knitting after reading my old 4-H buddy, Jeremy's wife's blog.

It is putting a dent in my computer addiction when I have something else to do. I haven't been reading much lately and I decided I just needed to carry my book with me so I can finish the stack I have from the library and the stack I own on my desk. Next in line Ronald Reagan's autobio (again) or Bruce Campbell's.

The book on CD seems to keep the TV off. The kids aren't really listening, but having the noise on is keeping them from asking and adding to the sound. Next in line, Little Woman.

I hope you all have safe travel and a great Thanksgiving (and just to be ornery) an OU win.

Hey, I went to Oklahoma State and I still can't root for them over OU after living in Norman for 19 years (whether I watch the game or not).

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

V & C

Either my typing is getting worse or my V & C aren't working well. I try to proof read, but I often miss things. When I find an error (sometimes a week or more later) I've missed one of those letters in a word. This keyboard is only a little over a year old. I would rather blame it then my own imperfections (like being a lousy typist).

Isn't that just the way, to wish we could pawn our own issues off on someone or something else. I'm having some real frustration (anger) issues lately. I'd like to blame my kids, Jonathan, traffic, etc. and unfortunately I've taken some of it out on Jonathan and the kids. God is in control, but I'm struggling to really hand this over and let him guide my attitude, because I don't want this to be my fault or about me. Tha fact is that it is, now I just have to do my part to make things more about Him.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Super Hero or Villain? (UPDATED)

Snot is on the is on the rise, noses are turning raw, it is that season...(cue theme music)...who will save the day?

It's Captain Kleenex. Able to wipe a snotty nose with a single tissue (or her 2 ply cape).

You would think the children of of this metropolis (okay, just this house) would love their super hero, but alas the snotty, red striped children see Captain Kleenex in a different light.

They see her as...Dun, Dun, Dun...the Booger Baron...out to use their boogers for her own diabolical ends.


Ya, I know Baron is a male term, but Baroness didn't sound right. V is working on a nice red Hitler mustache from (her) rubbing under her nose and the twins run every time I come near with a tissue. My shirts also have perpetual shoulder glaze. Just another reason I don't care for the cold (except for the occasional snow day and sledding).

It's not winter...welcome to snotty nose season.


Jonathan thinks I need to make the kids the villains. Right now I would make Xander the Booger Baron, Victoria Super Snot-Nose (Jonathan made that up, she doesn't like it), but I'm lacking names for Jackson and Owen. I could just make them The Finger or The Tongue (Owen's preferred removal methods) and The Sniffer or Corporal Coughs-A-Lot (Jackson sniffs all the time or coughs all night long in his sleep).

Maybe I could create a comic book to fit into the comic book craze, just for mom's. The only things holding me back are an ability to draw and write a decent story. Darn.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I had one of those moments this morning. It was that moment where you feel like you kind of have it together, but then you discover you are very wrong.

Last night I planned slightly ahead, I had my Bible and Jonathan's together with my CD for special music, my wedding band, wallet, water, lip gloss and 1 earring in a stack by the kitchen door. I thought dropping our Bibles off during first service in our Sunday School classroom would give us a free hand. I thought I had it together.

Enter this morning. I grab my stack. I'm about to drop everything and I grab a handful of Corn Chex. As I shove them in my mouth I bite into something. It seems like a rock and it won't go away. I'm in the street spitting stuff out. I look down and see what looks like glass. Great I probably swallowed something I shouldn't. I got to church early and dropped of our Bibles and ran to the sanctuary. I did Praise Team and I had finished praying and was headed up to sing my special. The music played and it wasn't right. Rob looks at me from the booth and tells me there is no CD in the case. I'm about to walk off and our music minister jumps up and goes to the piano and I did and I do an impromptu gospel version of "I'll Fly Away". I drive home to get the crew during the sermon (for Sunday School and 2nd service) wondering where my CD is, because I know it isn't in the player. It was on the cabinet. I had to laugh. Well, I got to sing one of my favorite hymns first service, so that was great.

On the way home as I'm questioning if I'm going to get an ulcer form eating glass I realize I didn't put my earring in. I look on the ground at the piece of glass (by the Corn Chex chunk) in the street and it's a big CZ chunk from my earring. I hope the rest is in t0eh street too.

Please feel free to laugh.

Only me, I have to be the only person I know who could try to eat their earring.

Just another reminder from God that I don't always have it together. lol

Friday, November 14, 2008

Tagged..7 Random Things About Me

I have been tagged by Kipplyn. Here are 7 random things about me.

1. I do a killer Julie Andrews vocal impersonation and I love karaoke.

2. I listen to Rush Limbaugh 3 hours a day, almost everyday. One of last years highlights was actually getting through to talk to him.

3. I love old movies and sci fi movies.

4. I was married at the age of 20. Jonathan and I met at Bible study the first week of my freshman year of college (1997). We started dating in October and were engaged by December and married the next December (1998).

5. Jonathan or I would have run for our House of Representatives seat if we still lived in OKC.

6. You will never see me wear anything that will show it, but I have my navel pierced (and have off and on for 11 years). The only other piercings I have are in my ears. It was my college rebellion...I didn't party, but I got stuck with a HUGE needle (it didn't hurt).

7. I've never been out of the United States, I don't even have my Passport. This is something I would like to remedy in the next year.

I tag Babystepper, Jeremy and anyone else who wants to play.

Babystepper you are exempt until you find time since you are doing National Novel Writing Month.

Have a great weekend and stay warm.

Here's a bonus 8th...I don't like the cold.

Jonathan is going to China.

He leaves December 5th and comes home December 13th. He flies from Tulsa to Chicago and then straight to Shanghai, China. He will spend most of his time between Beijing and Xiangfan.

Here are the hotels he will stay in (1, 2, 3). Check out #2 most of the site is in Chinese.

He was told that he will be the primary contact with the company in China so we are debating foreign language again. We have debated between Hebrew, Mandarin Chinese and Portuguese for well over a year. We were selecting between those 3 languages, because they are of the most use potentially for work. Since his company has a Singapore office and he will be the China contact I think Chinese is our choice. Fortunalty they primarily speak English in Singapore, so it isn't necessary. It looks like we'll start Chinese next year.

Yes, I'm jealous, there are tons of places I want to go and I wish he could bring back leftovers.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I've been shot!

Flu shot that is.

I'm glad I had them give it to me in the left arm. It's a little sore. It did give me a chance to set and example for the kids who are getting their tomorrow.

When I was a kid we never took flu shots. I started taking them 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Jackson and it was recommended with the twins at 6 months old. So we've continued on since then. The twins (like Jackson and V were) are behind on their vaccinations, This is the only shot they get on time. It's not because I delay them on a schedule, my kids are just always behind 6 months to a year on shots and are usually caught up between 4 and 5 years old. Knowing that some of my friends delay on purpose makes me feel pretty good about just being behind.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Success will come tonight!

Okay, so the laundry is still winning, but we have made a great improvement. I am down to less than 1/2 of the hang up stuff (not quite 1 basket full) and towels and sheets. Everything else it put away.

I still don't know how my mother did/does it. She always has her stuff put away and she actually takes the time and irons EVERYTHING that needs ironed. I haven't ironed in a long time. I live in the world of tossing it in the dryer with a damp washcloth if it's too bad and I only give in to ironing when I have to. Well at least I can find the clothes I need now.

Monday, November 10, 2008


No, I haven't been hiding or sulking over the election. Life here just keeps running and I've been getting behind. Here are some highlights of the last week:

  • Election results coming in at our house is like football for others. We had beer, pizza and one of us on the computer checking for ALL analysis and results.
  • Homeschool swimming and AWANA Wednesday after being sleep deprived.
  • Laundry overload.
  • Date night for Jonathan and Victoria (glow in the dark mini golf).
  • A day working on the farm.
  • Prepping a presentation on Mid-India Christian Mission and Sunset Bible Camp for mission emphasis month at church.
  • A birthday party.
  • Usual church activities.
  • Kids up all night coughing with no other symptoms.
  • starting a 4 gallon batch of persimmon wine.
  • Jonathan found out he's going to China in December for work.

No, it wasn't too much for my sanity, but blogging went to the back burner. By the way the laundry is still winning the fight. We should have it beaten back into submission by tomorrow. It's just cold upstairs so we don't go up and forget about it. Our house is 108 years old and we have central heat and air down stairs and even though heat rises, it doesn't seem like it does, even with 2 sets of stairs.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


A SLATE article I can agree with completely. This is rare. This is worth the read for the truth, regardless of who wins, of the misconceptions people have of what will happen post election.

This is an relatively straight forward and unslanted piece. I see very few of these anywhere anymore (from either side).

We are off to the polls in the next 30 minutes. We'll walk. Our polling place in less then 2 blocks away. Since we're going at 9:30 most of the before work rush will be over. They are always quick in our precinct and they have tons of "booths" so they can take care of quite a few. This isn't our first vote here, but it is our first Presidential election since we moved here. I checked with one of my neighbors to see if it takes much longer for Presidential elections and she said it didn't (she had opted to vote early, so I was checking).


Monday, November 03, 2008

What happened?

Friday night was a wonderful night. The weather was perfect. We set up a portable projector screen and the projector and watched Scooby Doo on the front porch while kids Trick or Treated.

The funny thing was we had cartoons and sound, but no porch light (except for the HUGE video), so some people just walked past. After some of the neighbor kids finished their rounds they converged on our yard and watched and ate candy until about 9pm.

One of my sisters and my mom came to town Friday with some costume stuff, which made for fun times in the afternoon.

Owen wanted everything.

Jackson as a white haired Indian fairy, with Xander the one who screamed when you put things on him, watching from behind.

Owen feeling pretty with Ann Dee.

Jackson was Indian Jones, he's only seen 1 I.J. movie and I don't intend to show him others until he is much older (he is easily freaked). Victoria was going to resurrect her punk rocker from 2 years ago while the skort still fit, but my sister brought white wings and I have a white wig and she became some kind of goth looking fairy (and she looked about 16 which really bothers me, she shouldn't be able to look that old). The twins just hung out. I have no intention dressing them up until they care and aren't going to cry about it. They get to eat the what else matters.

After the kids were done and watching the movie, V removed her jacket and wings and climbed our Rain Tree, which rattles and was shaking it from over kids heads to freak them out as they walked under. Yep, she was dressed like that climbing a tree, that's my kid.