Monday, September 25, 2006

Totally random

There are just moments you want to blow a big raspberry and say, “I told you so!”
I’ll be honest I was good and didn’t.

How do you tell if a person is feeding you a line of bull?  I’m not great at discerning if people (enter the word acquaintances) are telling me the truth.  I’m not totally gullible, but when I question a person’s honesty, it takes me a while to be totally sure.  I wish there was a trick for when you think people are being tricky or dishonest.

It’s warm, almost toasty outside.  We ran the attic fan last night and it’s outright cold in our house.  I need a sweatshirt indoor and a t-shirt outdoors.  I love fall.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


In my old age I now prefer talk radio to music, at least during the standard 8-5 Monday through Friday week. At home though I rarely turn on the radio during the day and I only listen to a little from the computer. My radio time is now in the evenings in the car. Since we moved a little over a year ago I haven’t taken the time to find music stations I like, until now.

I have come to the conclusion that I am old (not really) because my favorite station now is the classic rock station. I’m now feeling very “1985”, not the whole song mind you, but things like when did Motley Crue become classis rock? For that matter when did Pearl Jam? I do prefer my rock & roll, alternative, and 80’s to most (not all mind you) of what’s out today. I will admit I have found mad love for one new song, Nickelback’s Rockstar, the lyrics had me totally cracking up at how it mocks rockers.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

One Last Picture

Labor Day weekend my mom, dad, sisters and my mom's parents all came up for a visit. Here are Victoria and her Great Grandparents in the parking lot at Woolaroc on Labor Day.

Pictures Round 2

Owen is in yellow and Alex (or Xander) is in blue. They are still very little (especially compared to Jackson at this age). They are very sweet and sleep through the night.

Victoria begged for us to go to this Indian Summer thing down the street from out house. It was a waste of time with junk dealers and not much else. The only good things (outside of a nice walk) were the good pictures I got at the waaaay over priced pony ride.

Pictures Round 1

These are pictures of Victoria before dance. I bought her goucho pants to wear to dance instead of a skirt and she really likes it. She also got a jean jacket for her birthday and if I wear mine she has to wear hers.

I am a proud parent, but I honestly believe that Jackson is the most handsome 2 year old boy I've ever seen. He now informs us that his name is Jack.

Victoria is one tough cookie. Owen is in blue in this pic and Alex (or Xander we're debating now) is in off white.

I'm a bit behind.

Yes, I know I’ve promised pictures and updates and it will happen, just not right now.

The larger memory on the camera has allowed us to take more pics and video. Which takes more time to dump and I’m lazy and hate having to go and rotate the pics that need rotated before I post them.  Every time I sit at the computer the bigger two make me crazy, so I’m a bit limited.

Also, Jonathan and I started the Body for Life challenge and we’ve been at the YMCA every night, which limits my time in the evening when he gets home.  We aren’t at the Y too long, but I nurse right before we go and right after, plus we have to fix dinner.  We’re a bit sore and our evenings are limited, but we feel good.

Friday, September 08, 2006


What would you do if you saw a child being abducted? This video was amazing. This video is a staged abduction to test how people will react. It took 2 hours before anyone did anything.

Watch. The link will come up blank, but a media player window should open.

What can we teach our kids to make sure this doesn’t happen to them in a real life situation?

More importantly what would you do?

On a lighter note, check out the video of the Karaoke Cabbie in Singapore. This one you'll have to click the search to watch.

Friday, September 01, 2006

This weekend

We have company coming.  My dad is coming Sunday morning and leaving that evening.  My mother, her parents and my 2 sisters are coming Sunday right after church and staying until Monday.  They have been warned that the house may be picked up and rearranged, but it will not be “clean” (when I clean it’s like a crazy woman, so I don’t do it too often).  Today we worked on the yard, our birch tree is loosing leaves like its October and I had no idea we were so low on bags.  We now have a pile sitting on the sidewalk until I hit Wal-Mart tomorrow.

In preparation I have done a lot of rearranging and I am by no means finished.  They are bringing a few pieces of furniture including another twin bed.  The major room rearranging is to accommodate a dresser, video cabinet and the bed.  We may be done by the time they arrive Sunday, but I make no promises.

My right arm hurts after all of the yard work today.  After 2 ibuprofen and 2 glasses of wine I would think it would hurt less, but so far no luck.  I hope it hurts less tomorrow.  

All is well and I’ve been told I need to post new photos of the boys, I will soon, I just need time to rotate the photos so they aren’t sideways.

Have a great holiday weekend.