Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who says bribery is all bad?

Okay, as I posted last week nothing was broken. He didn't really walk until yesterday (if a Tiny Tim hobble can be called a walk). His range of motion is fine with his leg, it's just putting weight on it that is a problem. Since his range of motion is fine it's not a soft tissue injury (or at least not a major one). If he didn't walk they probably would have called for an MRI, so I used bribery yesterday and offered him a toy if he would try walking without holding onto anything. He did and he got a water gun. Ya, it's a bad example to set, but I didn't want to pay for an MRI that wasn't needed.

We went back to the doctor yesterday. He watched him walk and checked everything, there has been no swelling. His diagnosis was that we probably have a bone bruise. This can be found on an MRI, but nothing can be done for it, except to wait for it to heal. He said to let him crawl, scoot or hobble however he wants, but if he isn't better in 2 weeks (3 weeks from the injury) to come back in.

We are very thankful and we appreciate your prayers.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The first casualty

We had the first major injury on the trampoline Monday night. Jackson got bounced very high and landed bad. He hasn't walked since. We've been to the ER and the pediatrician, there have been 4 x-rays, and a lot of ice cream involved. If he doesn't try to bear weight by Thursday and Friday I have to take him back. He either pulled something really bad or tweaked his knee. I'll keep you posted. My guess will be that our next option is an MRI. I hope he walks soon. His attempt last night involved him crumbled on the floor of the bathroom crying. He is carried, pushed in the stroller or he scoots on his rear end. He is going to attempt swimming today at the Y.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Shock to the system

My recent post on change came to mind again Friday.

Our family was headed to Norman. J and I were dropping the kids off at mom's to go to the OCHEC Convention in OKC to buy next years homeschooling curriculum. Traffic was backed up on I-35, so we decided to go west just north of the zoo and to make a detour by our old house , which we hadn't done in over a year. As we approached our house on NW 15th St. we saw a blue port-a-potty in the yard.

As we rolled past we saw that the house was gutted to the studs. We looped back and pulled into the drive. We asked the men working on it if we could step in and that we had lived there. The only thing left was the stair banister and stud walls. Our gorgeous burled oak floors were gone.

There had been an electrical fire in the kitchen this winter. My mom had said there was a fire on our old street, but she said it was the house on the corner that resembled ours. She was wrong it was ours. It was hard to see. We didn't let V in, we knew she would cry. We opted not to take pictures, the images are etched in our brains.

It was sad to see our work gone, but we know they will have a house that is just what they want.