Monday, June 30, 2008

Bundles of joy!

I may slap whoever called children a bundle of joy. I think I'll come up with my own.
  • Bundle of destruction.
  • Bundle of back talk.
  • Bundle of messiness.
  • Bundle of superiority
  • Bundle of deafness.
  • Bundle on inattentiveness.
  • Bundle of...well you get the picture.

God made them precious when they sleep so we forget the issues of the day and honestly think they are sweet angels, otherwise we might kill them.

Friday, June 27, 2008


I stumbled across this video and I was amazed.

Here is Matt's site.

I also enjoyed this one. I will have to try this the next time I am in a 2 story mall.

I want to make one of these!

Find more weird videos here.

Have a great day!

BTW Owen and Alex are 2 today. Pictures to come, I'll be honest I have no real party plans.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

If this blog were my child...

...DHS would have taken it away for neglect.

Life around here is wild. I honestly know that I need to get back on the FLY Wagon. I need to prioritize how I accomplish things. I'm amazed at how far behind I have become. I'm frustrated and seeking peace, but calm is no where in sight. Life isn't bad, just full.

June began with V having tennis lessons at the Country Club. She followed that up with a week at Grandma's, her 8th birthday (yes you read that right, my baby is 8), her 8th birthday party and now church camp. Her mini golf party was changed to a bowling party, b/c of rain (that didn't come). She got a Wii, and is kicking my butt at bowling. She's been spoiled by my mom and my sisters and is driving me crazy (that's not new). She's flown the nest twice this month.

I'm not sure where the time has gone, but I'd like to know. How can this child that evokes such a broad range of strong emotions in me be so much the same and so different from the day she was born? When J was in college he would sit cross legged on the floor and she would sleep in his lap while he leaned over her doing his school work. She lived a college students life under the age of 2. Wal-Mart trips in the middle of the night, sleeping in university buildings while dad worked on projects, and sleeping the weird schedule of somewhere in the middle of the night until noon. Now she's tall (to me short to a lot her age), skinny, beautiful (that she has always been) and very emotional. I fear for the encroaching teenage years. Where has my baby gone and how did she get replaced by this young lady?

This picture was taken in March, she looks totally different now.

Jackson may be the death of me. I've called poison control twice in the last week. Once for drinking Benedryl, the other for eating chewable Tylenol. I left the Benedryl in the cabinet. That is my fault. The Tylenol, he climbed for. He cut a power supply this week (while it was plugged in). I received the technical description of, "It sparked and went boom." I've busted him lighting matches (thankfully it was just to blow them out). I've had to go as far as keep him strapped to me and I've had to confine him to his room for a few hours.

The babies turn 2 Friday. Ya, you don't have to tell me, they can't be that old. That's been my thought, but I'm wrong, they can be. We moved them to a bed this week. The transition has been good. This is really late for us to change from a crib to a twin bed (the others were moved to twin beds at 18 months). They are more like little men every day. They speak more, but usually to each other in twin talk (their own language) every once in a while I pick up a work or two, but that's it.

I know long in the past I mentioned the blackberries. Well, the crop is ripe and I start working at the Farmer's market Saturday morning. Last night was the 1st market where we have sold and they sold 55 quarts. Every single bit of blackberry ripe in the field.

I hope this finds you all well, have a great week.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why can't I find what I want at my price?


It's not life or death, but I'm picky and that is causing a problem. I haven't played much tennis since I quit the team in high school. My dad bought my racquet for me and it wasn't what I was comfortable playing with (110" over-sized, 4 1/4" grip, titanium, by Wilson). At practice the coach and I both discussed the racquet and she had an extra I used when I could (95-100", 4 5/8" grip). That racquet was heavier, but more comfortable. I still have my old 110 and I don't play, because the grip is small and makes for sloppiness and I have an accurate hit so the over-sized head just seems clumsy.

V is taking tennis lessons at a friends invitation at the Country Club (I've never been to a Country Club in my life). She's excited. I'm excited. The bad thing is I got my racquet down and dusted it off and now I really want to replace it. I received it for my 15th birthday almost 15 years ago. I feel like it's time to get what I'm comfortable with, but here is the delima. I'm just not comfortable with the prices. If I was going to play weekly or was on a tennis team the expense would be no big deal. I just want the size I am comfortable with at the "Wal-Mart - Target" price. Do they have what I want? No, I can't even find above a 4 1/2" grip even in men's racquets. All racquets are over-sized or are lacking in details of length, weight and size.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I did think to look at used racquets on ebay. I picked one that had no bids and started at $.99. It was a used 95 and it went for $124. Ouch! My birthday is in August, but I was really wanting to buy the start up kit to do stained glass and that's a chunk of change.