Friday, October 26, 2012


In Oklahoma we buy...

In California we rent...

Check out what I can buy in Oklahoma.
Go ahead scroll through the pictures on the above link and savor it.

Check out what the same amount of money buys in Teahacahpi, California, a place that is DIRT CHEAP in comparison to the rest of the state.  Go ahead, scroll through the picture on the above link.

Why am I looking at houses?  No. I'm not moving back...Yet.

The house we are renting sold.  We have to move by November 14th.  The house we planned to rent fell through (the tenants aren't moving now).  The back up has rented.

I'm stressing and yearning for home, where house prices and gas prices make (more) sense and family isn't 20 hours of driving away.

On top of that, V broke her ankle and had surgery (2 screws), we've had a stomach bug (which still has 3 potential victims to claim), our children are developing smokers cough (and none of us smoke) and I've had complaints from 2 of an ear ache.  It's been a long week and a half.  I miss the bi-polar weather, I miss my family, I miss football where everyone turns into a total wacko.  I miss Oklahoma.

Can you tell I'm disenchanted and stressed?