Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm not dead.

I planned to blog about our move and CA adventure and it hasn't happened.

I will give a brief run down of a few things.

When we moved out here, we came with a 25ft RV.  All 7 of us (and the dog) lived in the RV for 4 weeks, in the Bate's Motel of RV Parks in Mojave, CA.  A KAO it was not.  We decided to us the California Virtual Academy (K12) for school and 165 lbs of books, a desktop computer and a printer arrived.  They more than covered our couch and I had no place to store them.  I cried.  I looked for a cheap house to rent.

Since we hadn't (and still haven't) sold the house in B'ville I looked for cheap and month to month.  Cheap here is more expensive than our OK house mortgage.  I relented when I found a 2 bedroom, 1 bath, month to month, with a decent sized living area for being only an 860 sq ft house.  It was better than the RV.  It was $850 all bills paid.  Our mortgage on 2700 sq ft and 5 bedrooms is around $730 in OK.

We kept thinking the house will sell and we will be able to find something and move on.  The month to month would allow us to leave with adequate notice to our landlord.  It's been just over 10 months and if nothing else we need a second bathroom, and 3rd bedroom.

I put in a rental app for the first 4 bedroom house I have found for less than 2K a month ($1100).  We'll find out next week if we get the house.  We've had found places that are quickly taken, or the landlord thinks 5 kids is too many in a 3 bedroom or that won't allow pets.  As it stands I'm not holding my breath, but I am praying for more space and a nicer area (the house is in Tehachapi, not Mojave).

That's a brief update of our CA adventure in housing, please pray we get the house and continue to pray for the sale of our B'ville house.  This home school mom needs more room and freedom for her kids.  Mojave is 1200 people with an inner city demographic.  My children have gone from freedom, to prison.