Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I don't watch TV much...

... I haven't watched AI more then twice since season 1, but last night...


...was on the show.

Yep, I've been warped by my mother, I really do like his music. He may not have the greatest voice, but his music is infectious and his band is great.

I wish I'd watched last night. When I called to tell Jonathan what we missed (he's a closet fan), he told me that ND would be in concert in Tulsa in October. Sadly I won't be going at $100-$600 a ticket my frugleness takes over. Bummer.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Why is change so hard?

I know we live in an instant gratification society. We all want it like Burger King (our way) and we all want it now. I'll be honest there are many things I would like to change about myself, unfortunately I'm a little too Scarlet O'Hara (Gone With the Wind), and I'll think about it tomorrow.

Change comes in many forms and for many reasons. There is the sudden change. Often it comes unexpectedly. There is no preparation, just BAM! There you have it. We have to adjust and attempt to reconcile what has happened and move on immediately.

There is uncertain change. You have several avenues with which your life can travel. There is time and thought and a process. The outcome still has the unexpected, but it's the process of getting to the outcome that seems to be the hardest.

Long term change requires perseverance and time. The outcome is kind of known, but whether we stay the course is the uncertain part.

This has been on my mind for a little while. I've been thinking of the many faces of change. Changes I've wanted that have never come. Changes I question.

Reading Tiffany's blog and then thinking of the fire scares in my own neighborhood this week really brought sudden change to my mind. As I sat in my house without power I thought of things, like what do I take if there is a fire? My mind came up with nothing, except my kids, my camera, my car keys and the dog. Then what? I don't know, I hope I never do.

These past couple of months have been weird at J's office. Changes people "knew" would happen did and didn't happen. More changes will happen. Then what? I'm not sure and I'm not going into anymore detail until that time. Right now I just wish I knew. If life is going to take a different direction I just would like to know what it is, so we can get on with it. I'm sooo impatient.

My thought on long term change are simple. Why am I so lazy that I never change? I've been blessed in many ways. I've broken habits, but I've held on to many. I fortunately don't have to try to have the figure I have, but I feel unhealthy (sluggish, cranky, tired). My attitude stinks, my prayer time is unfocused, I have an Internet addiction (ya, so why am I on here). I lack consistency. I'm afraid to fail. If I don't see that I will succeed I just roll over before I begin.

The one thing that I know is constant in the face of all change is God. I've got to step up to the plate and make the change to hand my uncertainties over to him. Will I do it? In this situation I can honestly say, "God only knows." Yep, he's the only one who knows what changes abound in my life.

I just wish change was easier.


It is 8:20PM (ish) and I am alone downstairs. I have had a day, not good or bad, just a day. Mildly frustrating and mildly joyful until the last 30 minutes. I finally snapped and sent the older 2 kids to bed, at the same time as the twins, for just not following directions and arguing with me. J is on his way home from the blackberries. I decide I needed a break and bedtime was it.

I am now relishing the peace and quiet. I'm having a late dinner alone and a small glass of wine.

Watch out there may be more thoughts to come in the silence.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500

This will be Jonathan's car for driving to work and to the acre of blackberries we have 1 1/2 hours away. He made 2 trip to his parents land, to the berries, and I made one trip to Norman and our auto gas budget increased waaaay too much. This vehicle gets about 30 mpg.

We bought it off of ebay from a guy in T-town. He was working on it and has all of the parts (several newly machined) it just requires final assembly, it also has a hardtop that needs new seals. J's mom has a Spitfire also, so he's used to working on them. It's definitely easier then the Lincoln. This car will also retain some value (unlike most other cars we've had) and it's cheap to fix.

Jonathan feels like he's starting a classic car collection, because he already has a 1954 Pontiac Chieftain.

The auction was exciting, we had power issues on our street yesterday (blown transformers, 3 fire tucks, neighbors trees being cut down by PSO, calling neighbors at work to give messages from firefighters). I had power in spite of the issues in the alley, until 10 minutes before the auction ended. The power company cut it all off and I had to call Jonathan at work to finish the auction. My heart was pounding.

After the auction ended I was shutting breakers off at neighbors houses. The Art Gallery across the street had all of it's wiring fried and had smoke, but no fire damage. The firefighters were afraid when the power company turned the power back on that we may have more of that happen. I was supplying what I could when the power came back up to help them cover the gallery door. They had to bust out the glass, so I was running my extension cord and drill over to help them get the plywood on to cover it.

About 3:15pm I was walking out of my neighbors house when their 12 year old walked up. His dad told me where the spare key was and I unplugged their TV and computer and I turned their power off. I had just finished slowly turning their power back on (and going over and doing a smell and fire detector check). The funny thing was his lack of concern of me coming out of the house. He was totally disappointment he missed the fire trucks. I guess even 6th grade boys like fire trucks and excitement.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Check out Jonathan's new (used) car.

We get it this weekend. Awwww, YEAH!

Friday, April 11, 2008


I cut off my hair. I know what you're thinking..."What hair?" Well, chin length is long for me and I've been good and It's been longer then that for over 4 years. Tuesday it left. I forgot how much I missed short (really short) hair. Since just before Easter weekend I have cut Jackson, V's and the twins (for the first time).

Jennifer you're right I need more pictures. I will try to remedy that soon. Unfortunately I'm too busy (or lazy) to right now. Actually right now it is busy, most days it's lazy though.

I did the great meat buy yesterday, so I have to prep and freeze it all and make a birthday cake for a friend. The cake will be eaten here after a trip into T-town to the Olive Garden, so we have to clean (I'm in big trouble). I also am putting the final coat of varnish on V's floor today (so J can finish her walls and I can paint). I'm the lighting designer for an event called The Show of Hands (sign language to Broadway songs). Dress rehearsal is tonight with a show Saturday night (after Olive Garden) and Sunday afternoon.

No, I'm not normally this busy, I'm just in that moment that hits every so often right now.

I must renew my library books now and get back to work.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Okay, so V's music showed up Monday...late. She spent Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday learning her song. She sang "You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile" from ANNIE. She could sing and act and smile as long as she didn't have the music on. Once she had the music her timing was good if she didn't smile or move. If I told her to smile it looked like she was smelling socks or she sang too fast.

Some how in spite of that she got a call back Saturday. She must have gotten into her groove under pressure. I wasn't in her audition, I don't know.

V, the twins and I missed the auction and she was at call backs for over 3 hours Saturday afternoon. After, we went to Yale to pick up Jonathan and Jackson (they went to the auction and took his parents Tahoe back).

We waited until Monday for the cast list to post and....she didn't make the show.

I was more nervous then she was. She was not at all bummed. She had fun auditioning and doing call backs and that was enough (she's a bigger person then I am). Jonathan didn't want her to get into the show and then he was bummed she didn't make it.

I'm just really proud of her hard work and good attitude.