Saturday, August 29, 2009

New posts to come.

I plan to post about our potty training adventure, insanity in nesting, and more. I know it's almost too much excitement for you.

Stay tuned (I have to finish sorting out clothes people have outgrown before I can come out and play).

Thursday, August 13, 2009

$5 or $10

I don't give my kids an allowance (even at the age of three). My children have been required to do chores and in turn earn a commission. Thank you Dave Ramsey.

Here is the question of the hour. Victoria and Jackson each earn $5 a week. $1 per chore. Realistically they do more than 5 chores, but they are paid for 5 specifically tailored tasks.

Recently I've fallen off of the wagon of setting a list and paying them, something I am about to rectify.

Should I up V's chore list and her wage from 5 chores to 10 and $5 to $10? It seems fair, she's 9 and Jackson is 5 and she usually does more work around the house on a normal basis.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm seriously considering down sizing my Internet presence.

I've already eliminated my neglected (almost unused) twitter and myspace accounts. Now I'm debating eliminating my too frequently used Facebook account. It isn't that I don't like Facebook, it's that I spend too much time on there, being nosey and babbling on my status. In the process my little blog gets neglected. Things I would post here get a few sentence blurb there and they never see the light of day here. I consider the journal here a good indication of life, my thoughts and my family, but records aren't being kept when they are wasted there.

I've attempted deactivating my Facebook, but to reactivate you just log back in. That's far too easy. I may wait until the baby comes so I can alert friends to her arrival, but I haven't decided yet. I also find it strange and frustrating that I have over 350 friends. Yeah, I'm a friendly person and I know a lot of people, but seriously, that is ridiculous. Do most of them really care, or is it just nosiness? I'm leaning toward the latter. I've down graded from over 400. That's just nuts.

For now I will try to pay more attention to my little blog and less to the abyss that is Facebook. I have a feeling I will soon be cutting the Facebook cord though.

The hazards of sweet tea.

My oldest sister learned the hazards of sweet tea the hard way Saturday night. She was boiling water to make it and accidentally poured it over her left hand while putting it in the pitcher.

Needless to say, she burned her hand...really bad. She iced it all night and went to the ER the next day at the recommendation of a pharmacist. She has 2nd degree burns on her left hand. It isn't pretty.

I'm glad it wasn't her right hand.

In typical Jonathan fashion he said he wanted a picture to make the backdrop on his work computer. Being my sis, she reciprocated with a picture on Facebook. All I can say is ouch.

Maybe deep down this is why I don't drink sweet tea.

I'll spare you the picture.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


As the last post was about caffeine it only seemed appropriate to continue with that theme.

I just started us on the path of Gevelia today.

I picked the coffee maker and coffees and they should arrive in the next couple of weeks. I really do like coffee, but I'm lazy and I long ago got rid of our non-programmable coffee maker. The beauty coming my way is programmable. I will awake to fresh brewed necessity...daily.

I can totally handle that.

Obviously the exhaustion of pregnancy is talking and caffeine feels like my only salvation.