Monday, June 18, 2007

It's been over a month.

Wow. Summer is here. It's still wet and relatively cool for June (if you can ignore the humidity). I'm working on my econ class. Jackson is insane. Victoria turned 7 on the 16th, we are still doing the occasional home school lesson (mainly math since she loves it and reading is just normal now). The twins will be 1 on the 27th. We have done a lot of work and have a floor (and no trim) in the dining room. Swim lessons begin tonight at the Y. We bought a wooden swing set we have to put together now. Jonathan is about to get really busy with the new Cessna program he's been given at work. He also decided we needed a cat. Now we have a kitten tentatively named Doby. I say tentatively, because I noticed it looks like he has a Hebrew letter on his forehead (a tav for those interested) and I'm tempted to call him by that letters name. I'm not sure if he's going to be dog food for our lab or not yet.

Ya, life is good.

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Jeremy said...

Hey, it greats to see your back online. Wow - Victoria turned 7? That's just insane. And how can the twins be turning one when they were just born - haha. Oh, how life flies by.