Friday, July 20, 2007

In just over 7 hours...

I will hold in my hands Harry Potter 7. I will gaze upon it and then I will devour it like a tender morsel. 10 years in the making, I would say it had better be good, but I know it will be.

Am I obsessed? How could you tell?

No, I don’t own a costume, otherwise I might consider being labeled a total freak. Oh wait, I already am, regardless of a costume.

Have a skippy weekend. Child neglect will begin in T-Minus 4 and a half-hours and counting. My family will see me resurface 2 to 2 ½ days after I begin.

1 comment:

Auz E. Moto said...

When they are old enough to read it themselves, they will understand.

The real hilarity comes when you finish it. It is like being in fight club. The first rule of HPDH Club is not to talk about HPDH Club... with those who haven't finished it.

:D Hugs