Monday, April 13, 2009


I am 3 months along with baby number 5.

Yes, that's right, number 5.

Yes, we are excited.

Yes, we know what causes this.

If its kisses are half as sweet as Owen's we may be destined for more, I make no guarantees at this point.

Jonathan is joking that I'm having triplets.  If I do he might not live, he predicted the twins.

That is all.

That is a valid concern Jeremy.  Fortunately when we found out we were having twins we bought and Expedition, so I still have 2 empty seats.  Now my children will only be allowed 1 friend at a time.


Jeremy said...

Congratulations! You might need to trade in the minivan for a full-size van - lol

Wai said...

I was number 5 in a family of 5 boys. By the way, my American name is Johnny. I think that would make a good name for #5. Johnny 5 is alive :)

Babystepper said...

Merciful heavens girl! Where on earth did you get the energy to decide on a fifth?

Congratulations, and may God be with you! =)