Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Going down in a BLAZE of glory. Literally.

Sunday evening it was a little warm in our house.  I asked JR if he would rather I turn on the attic fan and open some windows or turn on the a/c and suck out some humidity.  He was cuddling CAR, so I wanted him to be comfy (she's a sweaty baby).  We haven't run our a/c much so far this year and JR said to turn on the a/c for a few minutes.

2 minutes after turning it on Jackson said, "Hey Mom!  The air conditioner is on fire."  I look and the fan is spinning and flames are coming out of the top.  I ran and turned off the thermostat.  JR and I ran out and got the water hose and dowsed the unit.  It didn't blow the fuses either.  I don't know how.  Needless to say I went and disconnected the fuses in the box while JR continued to run the water hose.

Hey at least my ducts didn't catch on fire.  Also for the record the central heat and air unit is older than I am (over 31 years old).  I should be thankful it has worked the last 5 years.

One friend asked me why weird things always happen to me.  I'm not sure that they do, I think things sounds funnier coming from my kids.

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Carina said...

How scary! So glad you're all ok, though!