Monday, June 07, 2010

All grown up.

One week.

All it took was one week.

Last weekend Caroline Amelia (affectionately known as CAR) was a baby.

As of Saturday she is no longer.

Last weekend she had 2 teeth.  This weekend she has 4.

Last weekend she rolled over and turned around, but didn't move much.  This weekend she military crawls (and fast).

Last weekend you had to sit her up and then she would fall on her head.  This weekend she sits up on her own.

Last weekend Lego's, crushed popcorn and Cheez-its were okay.  This weekend I had to clean up the floor.

Last weekend the playpen was fun.  This weekend she wants freedom.

Last weekend her crib at the top setting and even the bassinet were still okay.  This week I know pulling up will soon follow.

She's not even 7 months old, but I would like for someone to tell me where my baby went.


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Carina said...

It really can be such a dramatic change! Zaya was taking his first steps at 9 mo. and walking everywhere at 10, so look out! Sounds like she's going to do things early! How were your other kids for all those things?