Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Halloween Fun (a week late)

I’ll be honest, I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years, but I did for my friend Staci’s party the Saturday before! Jonathan got his Dad’s old Navy uniform (I love a man in uniform) and looked totally cute. I rented a go-go dancer costume, which was fun. Staci took the cake; she is braver than I am and went as a Playboy Bunny. She totaly rocks! It’s too bad Staci lives so far away; it’s always fun to hang out with her.

Halloween was spent at home, because Jackson was sick. I was bad and skipped upholstery. We took Victoria to the houses of people who live around us that we know, and then she got to hand out (and keep) some of the candy from our house. This was her third year as a unicorn. When we got low I turned off the porch light. I was amazed and irritated by the number of kids who rang our doorbell after the lights were off. My mother’s rule was never to go to a door that didn’t have a light. I guess it’s just a different time.

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