Monday, November 28, 2005

The Excitement of Life

I know I’ve blogged about emotional and physical exhaustion, but today I’m blogging about the excitement of life.

I have embarked on a really exiting adventure for the third time.


We found out Thursday morning. Could I honestly be more thankful for anything Thanksgiving Day!

I am pre-morning sickness, and I don’t feel any more tired then I do normally chasing after Victoria and Jackson. Right now I feel better then I did at this point with the last 2. If my calculations are correct the baby’s EDD is July 25th. Since I have uncommonly short labor (lighting fast, very nice) I’ll probably be induced before then. We are debating having the baby in Norman. This would require me to stay with my Mom with the kids for the last month, which can be hard on all parties involved, but I like my doctor and the hospital I’ve used. One more advantage with going back to Norman is I have about 20 people who can take me to the hospital and watch the kids.

My only complaint at this point is my face is breaking out a bit. What do I want? Of course I want a healthy baby, but I would like another girl next. I like the alternating thing. What do I think I’m having? My current guess is a boy.


Jeremy said...

Congratulations, Ritchie family!

Shell said...

Congrats on the good news!!!

Pam said...

Best wishes for a healthy baby!

Lizard Lover said...

awesome! so cool! lucky you!