Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Have you heard? If you live in Oklahoma or if you follow college football I bet you have.

Our quarterback is apparently gone, who the other player is I’m not sure.  Here’s what I can’t figure, after the days of Barry Switzer, there is proof that no one is above the rules.  Why did these 2 morons, who knew they were doing something wrong, do it?

Bomar was a pretty good quarterback, but he certainly wasn’t the best, what is he going to do now?  Obviously he’s lost his scholarship and won’t be able to play for another school until next year and it’s too late to attempt going pro.  Will he go play for the OKC Yard Dawgs?  Without the scholarship I bet he’ll drop out of school.  Honestly you think these people could look at the endgame of their decisions.  

I hope Halzle is a decent QB since he seems like the most likely option to take Bomar’s place.  Thankfully two players aren’t the whole team; hopefully recovery will be quick.

I’m not sure where to put Big Red Sports and Imports in the mix.  I know they are the business responsible, I also know they just changed ownership.  Which side was in the wrong, the previous owners or the new one?  I still wouldn’t buy anything from them after the lousy service my sister has received on her Isuzu Rodeo, but I am interested in which set of ownership is to blame.

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Drew said...

Stoops announced that Paul Thompson will be the QB (again). It is about time he gets a solid chance and the others can improve and take the reigns next year.

Big Red's old owners and GM were the problem not the Hudiburg's who have it now. (Service still hasn't gotten any better though!)