Saturday, August 19, 2006

The world of, "What if...?"

I received a surprising call yesterday evening.  

It was one of those calls where you know something isn’t normal.  You get the prompt of, “Can you go someplace where you won’t be interrupted?”  You have the quick run through in your mind of what the call could be about.  Then the person gives the news.  You may be surprised, but not shocked and you give your congratulations or condolences on the situation.

Last night was a condolence situation, no one died, but the situation just wasn’t what the person wanted or planned for his or her life.

This of course sent my mind to land of “What if…?”  My “What if…?” turned into many about this situation, and then just about my life in general.  Don’t get me wrong here I’m happy about my life and I haven’t tried to answer my “What if…?” questions.  I just started throwing out ones that would have really changed my life.

You’ve been there I know, we all have.

-What if I hadn’t gone to OSU?  (I’m not an OSU fan, so it’s a surprise I went there in the first place)

-What if I hadn’t married Jonathan?

-What if Jonathan had gotten the job in Palmdale, CA?

-What if we didn’t have kids, or had timed them differently?

-What if my parents hadn’t separated when I was 7?

-What if I had graduated from college?

-What if…?

-What if…?

-What if…?

There are so many directions our lives could have gone.  There are so many directions our lives can still take.  The adventure and unknown continue for us all.  The good, the bad and the indifferent.

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