Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Blond vs. Brunette (please comment)

Okay, I was being a good wife. My husband doesn’t like what I spend to get my hair colored (which is a lot cheaper then what most people pay). As a kind gesture I had it dyed the last time to match my roots, so I could go without coloring it. I like it enough to keep it and he also likes it.

The kicker comes in his statement yesterday (just over 3 weeks of me with brown hair). He asked, “How much would it cost each month to keep you blond? I like the brown, but I prefer the blond.” I was able to tell him he it isn’t a monthly expense; it’s a 6-8 week expense.

So know the debate is on, blond or brunette (check my pictures to see pics of both). Cast your vote.


Babystepper said...

They just can't make up their mind, can they? Well, you were blond when I knew you, so I guess I'll say blond because that's the Sara I remember. Love you either way! =)

Jeremy said...

You're definitely a blonde :)

Kelly Sime said...

brown--it's much easier that way.