Monday, February 19, 2007

Make it stop!


It’s just one of those mom days. If you’re a mom you know what I’m talking about. It’s the day where you just want to “call in sick” or “leave early”, because it has been so bad. This is a sad statement since it’s not even 10:30 am and we’ve only been up for about 2 ½ hours.

I guess it goes back to last night. My sleep style nursing bras were all dirty, so I wore a regular nursing bra to bed (it has under wires), this resulted in major milk leakage and clogged ducts from the wires. I hosed 2 shirts last night. It’s hard to sleep well when you’re soggy.

I woke up and all of the kids were happy. I love it when we are all happy together in the morning. This went away soon when I told Victoria to go and get dressed. She said, “No.” That’s always a big mistake. She did go and get dressed, but complained about how I had matched up her socks incorrectly in her drawer. Guess what? I didn’t match up her socks, but she blames me. Instead of re-matching her socks, she throws them out into the hallway (not in anger). I inform her to rematch them correctly and to get them out of the hall. She looks at me like I’ve told her to build a nuclear reactor, just totally dumbfounded. I try to explain to her what I want. By this time I’m not pleased, by the time she’s done I’m mad.

We move downstairs and everyone is at least playing or hanging out calmly. Then Jackson needs to use the bathroom. He stands at the regular toilet to pee and he had been using his potty seat for BM. Jonathan has started setting him on the toilet for that since we have no bathroom stool and they broke my kitchen one. Jackson proceeds to poop all over the bathroom. It’s on the floor, the side of the tub, my comb on the edge of the tub, up and down his legs, on the front of his shirt and jacket, and all over his pants and underwear. I’m livid. I give him a shower and clean him and his mess up, while I SCREAM like a banshee at him. *Isn’t that the most effective way to communicate with a 3 year old. (sarcasm emphasized)*

Then I fix the kids bowls of cereal. In the morning I let them watch a show while they eat breakfast (it’s the only time we sit in front of the TV and eat). I place J and V’s bowls of cereal on a TV tray and go sit on the floor to feed the babies their cereal. 3-5 minutes later I hear a bang. I turn and see Victoria’s bowl on the floor over turned (she looks at it and then back at the show), her feet are on the edge of the TV tray. At this point I loose it. Both kids are sent to their beds, so I get a break and can clean up without them around. J gets called down to finish his cereal and he takes his bowl to the kitchen. I follow this with telling V to come down and that she gets nothing else to eat until lunch (since it was 10 I thought 2 hours was okay). I’ve never used this as punishment before, but I get really tired of feeling like a slave.

These are the days that I want to go enroll her in school and find him a preschool. I hope this feeling is just a hold over from being under the weather last week (I still am a little sick). Right now just holds that feeling of needing a vacation from my job. I really just need some time off.


Kelly Sime said...

some days are like this. it's okay. time for you to take a short vacation...without the children.

Jeremy said...

I will pray for better days for you...