Wednesday, October 31, 2007

This information supports...

...some of why my kids don't and won't go to public school. Somewhere down the line I think we lost reading, math, spelling, science, etc. for crap that has nothing to do with academics.

The public school teacher convention is going on and here are some of the workshops they are offering:

"The Unbearable Whiteness of Being: Dismantling White Privilege and Supporting Anti-Racist Education in Our Classrooms and Schools." Designed to help educators identify and deconstruct their own white privilege and in so doing more deeply commit themselves to anti-racist teaching and critical multicultural teaching.

"Talking About Religious Oppression and Unpacking Christian Privilege." Will examine the dynamics of Christian privilege and oppression of minority religious groups and nonbelievers as constructed and maintained on three distinct levels: individual, institutional and societal. God help us .. now there's not only white privilege, but Christian privilege as well.

"Beyond Celebrating Diversity: Teaching Teachers How to be Critical Multicultural Educators." This session will start from the premise that multiculturalism's greatest danger "comes from educators who ostensibly support its goals, but whose work - cultural plunges, food fairs, etc. - reflects a compassionate conservative consciousness rather than social justice. This session focuses on preparing teachers, not for celebrating diversity, but for achieving justice in schools and society.",0,4084309.story

How about worrying about students learning the basics and learning them well. Gee, I guess that's not what's important in school anymore.

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Wai said...

Teachers these days don't teach; they indoctrinate. Handing out PETA pamphlets that says "Daddy Is A Murderer" because he's gutting a fish; or "Mommy Is A Murderer" because she's making chicken for dinner. They pretend the 2nd Amendment doesn't exist. They teach kids all these b.s. things and nothing that is of use to them in the real world. Is it any wonder why kids don't have any common sense anymore?