Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I had a successful Thanksgiving in spite of Murphy's law.

Jonathan was off all last week (thankful).

We got a lot of work and organization done on the house (thankful).

Jonathan decided we needed to go to the zoo Tuesday and showed up over an hour after we did when I should have been working on the house because people were coming Wednesday night (thankful and then not thankful).

My turkey turned out pretty good (thanks Wai for the soak instructions they were great), it got cooked after it popped to try and get it to brown more and is wasn't as moist as it would have been (still thankful).

Jackson started throwing up at 1am Thanksgiving-he ate 5 crackers all day and threw up on my bed twice and on me twice (not thankful).

My in-laws stayed to care of the other kids while we took Jackson to the ER Thursday night (thankful).

No one else has gotten sick...yet (thankful).

I got the tree up and the house decorated Friday. It's nice and festive (thankful).

Jonathan had to go back to work Monday (not thankful and yet thankful-we have to have money to live).

These are just a few things from last week. I have much more to be thankful for, this is just a high and low light recap of last week. I hope you had a happy and blessed Thanksgiving and I hope you have a wonderful transition to Christmas!


Wai said...

Always glad to help out a fellow Kitchen Conjurer of Tasty Things. My turkey didn't come out as moist as in years past either. I'm guessing it's because I didn't cover it while it was roasting for the 4 hours. I used to cook it covered till the last hour and then uncover it so the skin browned. My bad. But it was still tasty and most of my turkey went. I'll go crawl into the corner and eat my hat now...

Anonymous said...

Can't comment on the turkey. I ain't a cook. (Except for tv dinners.)

However, in spite of the sick child and the trip to the ER, it looks like you have more in the "Thankful" category than in the other.

Having said that, let me now be "off the wall" politically incorrect and say, "have a very Merry Christmas."


Babystepper said...

So sorry to hear about the little guy. Middle of the night sickness is in every mommy's top ten dreaded things category.