Thursday, December 27, 2007

Number 9...Number 9... one of my least favorite Beatles songs, but today number 9 is different.

I married Jonathan 9 years ago today!

We have no plans, the kids have had an over load of travel and conflicting discipline for the holidays. We need to get them back in our routine before subjecting some poor babysitter to our 4. I have plans for fixing a nice dinner and we are going to rearrange for new toys (and remove more even though I did it a couple of weeks ago) and for the start of renovating V's room. It may not be an anniversary of fun activities, but it is a reminder of the adventures we always have and there is always fun involved in our own warped way, that most may not see.

Have a great day!


Babystepper said...

Congratulations you old fogeys!

Anonymous said...

Congratulatons, Sara. It sounds like your anniversary was somewhat similar to my wife's and my anniversary this year.

We were married on December 25, way back in 1968. Thus we have 39 years together. Having said that, don't let anyone's kidding of you and calling you an "old fogey" bother you.

Our anniversary was very uneventful and mostly just keeping each other company. (That is what old fogeys look forward to.)

May there be many more anniversaries for you and yours.