Monday, January 14, 2008

Spell Check

It's a wonderful invention, it's too bad it doesn't catch everything. I'm not terrible at spelling and grammar. Typing that's another story, most of the time I just type and go and I don't proof read and check my work. I think much faster than I type and errors pop up.

Today I noticed an error in my header on the blog (which has bee there for a long time). I had spelled the word correctly, but I had typed the wrong word. I had typed your instead of you're. These error make me feel silly for the short amount of time it takes to proof the blog stuff.

Please, laugh at my silliness. It's like typing loose when I mean lose. I just have to remember to go back and check, so I don't embarrass myself.

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

All in all, I believe it's part of your personality. My wife does the same thing and I stopped editing them and accepted them as pieces of her personality. Now it's rather cute when she uses "lose" instead of "loose" or vice versa.