Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Shock to the system

My recent post on change came to mind again Friday.

Our family was headed to Norman. J and I were dropping the kids off at mom's to go to the OCHEC Convention in OKC to buy next years homeschooling curriculum. Traffic was backed up on I-35, so we decided to go west just north of the zoo and to make a detour by our old house , which we hadn't done in over a year. As we approached our house on NW 15th St. we saw a blue port-a-potty in the yard.

As we rolled past we saw that the house was gutted to the studs. We looped back and pulled into the drive. We asked the men working on it if we could step in and that we had lived there. The only thing left was the stair banister and stud walls. Our gorgeous burled oak floors were gone.

There had been an electrical fire in the kitchen this winter. My mom had said there was a fire on our old street, but she said it was the house on the corner that resembled ours. She was wrong it was ours. It was hard to see. We didn't let V in, we knew she would cry. We opted not to take pictures, the images are etched in our brains.

It was sad to see our work gone, but we know they will have a house that is just what they want.


Anonymous said...


Keep in mind that regardless of the amount of time and work you put into the house, it is still just a house. It is a "thing".

Always remember that people matter much more that things.


Babystepper said...

That must have been so hard to see, but thank God you were not in the house still when it had the fire!