Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who says bribery is all bad?

Okay, as I posted last week nothing was broken. He didn't really walk until yesterday (if a Tiny Tim hobble can be called a walk). His range of motion is fine with his leg, it's just putting weight on it that is a problem. Since his range of motion is fine it's not a soft tissue injury (or at least not a major one). If he didn't walk they probably would have called for an MRI, so I used bribery yesterday and offered him a toy if he would try walking without holding onto anything. He did and he got a water gun. Ya, it's a bad example to set, but I didn't want to pay for an MRI that wasn't needed.

We went back to the doctor yesterday. He watched him walk and checked everything, there has been no swelling. His diagnosis was that we probably have a bone bruise. This can be found on an MRI, but nothing can be done for it, except to wait for it to heal. He said to let him crawl, scoot or hobble however he wants, but if he isn't better in 2 weeks (3 weeks from the injury) to come back in.

We are very thankful and we appreciate your prayers.


Babystepper said...

I've been worrying and praying. glad to hear he's doing better.

Wai said...

Kids are very resilient. He'll be running around again in no time.

Anonymous said...

Following up on wai's comment...

...one of these days you may remember fondly the days when you weren't having to chase after him.

Course, then again, you do have all those others that kept you in shape.

At any rate, it is good news.