Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Why can't I find what I want at my price?


It's not life or death, but I'm picky and that is causing a problem. I haven't played much tennis since I quit the team in high school. My dad bought my racquet for me and it wasn't what I was comfortable playing with (110" over-sized, 4 1/4" grip, titanium, by Wilson). At practice the coach and I both discussed the racquet and she had an extra I used when I could (95-100", 4 5/8" grip). That racquet was heavier, but more comfortable. I still have my old 110 and I don't play, because the grip is small and makes for sloppiness and I have an accurate hit so the over-sized head just seems clumsy.

V is taking tennis lessons at a friends invitation at the Country Club (I've never been to a Country Club in my life). She's excited. I'm excited. The bad thing is I got my racquet down and dusted it off and now I really want to replace it. I received it for my 15th birthday almost 15 years ago. I feel like it's time to get what I'm comfortable with, but here is the delima. I'm just not comfortable with the prices. If I was going to play weekly or was on a tennis team the expense would be no big deal. I just want the size I am comfortable with at the "Wal-Mart - Target" price. Do they have what I want? No, I can't even find above a 4 1/2" grip even in men's racquets. All racquets are over-sized or are lacking in details of length, weight and size.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I did think to look at used racquets on ebay. I picked one that had no bids and started at $.99. It was a used 95 and it went for $124. Ouch! My birthday is in August, but I was really wanting to buy the start up kit to do stained glass and that's a chunk of change.


Babystepper said...

I wouldn't give up yet. Keep checking and watching at Ebay and try craigslist too. You never know. There's got to be some good used sporting goods stores around too.

Wai said...

The tennis racquet has a smaller diameter grip than what you're used to? Why not just get the grip wrap replaced with a thicker one to get it to your 4-5/8" grip. Granted, the racquet will still be oversized, but your grip will be comfortable, and if your a pretty accurate hitter, size wouldn't matter since you should be able to hit the ball within the sweet spot most of the time.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, girl!!

Tennis leads to sweating!!

Stick with the stained glass. When my wife and I bought a new home in 1996 in Yukon, OK, the front door had a 2'x3' window that we didn't want to cover with curtains. So, we went to a stained glass business/school in OKC and had a glass custom made with hummingbirds and flowers.

When we moved to Blanchard, we bought a different back door to put the glass in, but never got around to it. Now it resides in the back door of our current home between Mustang and Tuttle.

My point???? Pretty beats perspiration.