Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I dreamed a dream.

Actually Jonathan did.  We had a weird start to our morning.  I was so out of it.  I usually wake up with the alarm (5-5:30) and never get back to sleep until I finally force Jonathan out of bed usually around 6:15.  Then I go close the windows and turn off the attic fan and crash until 7:15-7:30.  

This morning was different.  I didn't really wake up until 6:10 and I was snoozing the alarm in my sleep.  When I woke Jonathan he was so out of it, all he could say was, "Was I ever in the military and did I have a tick bite that caused me to lose my memory?"  I told him no and he slept for another 10 minutes.  He apparently slipped back into a very real and convincing dream that made him need assurance of who he is and his life.  After he was awake it was clear to him how off the dream was, but at the time he was disturbed.  His parents in the dream weren't his parents and they talked about him and not too him in the dream.  They discussed how he was "60% less verbal" since the tick bite and how "he no longer talked and used his hand with grace and articulation".

It reminded me of one instance in my life that I still vividly remember an odd dream.  I had been to the dentist to have cavities filled.  I was 6, and I think I had 6 to fill so they gave me laughing gas and I fell asleep for the procedure.  When I woke up I couldn't' remember what my mom looked like.  I kept thinking she was a tall and broad, red headed woman (my mom is short, at that time not broad with dark brown hair), but I knew it was wrong and I had to see my mom to get this image out of my head.  It's so strange what the dream state can do to disorient our minds.

After Jonathan get up and left I went back to bed and slept until 8:30.  It's been a strange start to everyone's day.  I think I'll go have another cup of coffee and try to make myself do something.

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