Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The name game

This kid needs a name. I'm tired of referring to it as "the baby".

I need Girls names. We have narrowed her first name down to 12 contenders, but we couldn't make them work as middle names. I need middle names.

Here is the current list of contenders:

Cordelia-Irish-daughter of the sea
Fiona-Celtic-white, fair
Elizabeth-482 origins (though I would say Hebrew)-God is my Oath
Zeta-English-Rose (Jonathan's)
Andromeda-Greek-beautiful maiden rescued by Perseus (Jonathan's that will never happen in this lifetime, but that I leave on the list to be nice)
Marishka- Russian- I can't find it's meaning again
Ivy-English-Ivy plant (go figure)
Isla-Scottish-island ( again go figure)
Selene-Greek-moon (2nd least favorite)
Amelia-Latin-industrious (I like the meaning more than the name)
Rebecca (Rebekah)- Hebrew-tied (we are uncertain as to how to spell this one)

If by chance our ultrasound is wrong the baby would be Xavier Hudson Ritchie. Why can't naming a girl be as easy as naming a boy for us.

Now it's time for NAME THAT BABY!

I did pop off and tell Jonathan we should name her Burgundy in honor of our wine making. lol

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