Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Owen doesn't have a heart made out of stone...

...but definitely a head made out of stone.

Owen ran at me and crashed into my cheek bone with his head at full speed. I immediately saw stars and began crying. Not little tears mind you, but tears of unbearable pain, which rarely ever happens to me. He just grabs his head and says, "Sorry! Sorry!" and begins jumping on the bed like it's a trampoline. His head has to be made of stone. I honestly believe I will be bruised by morning. I've had to ice my cheek bone to reduce the swelling.

This of course caps off a long day. On rare occasions JR works late, and when I mean late we're talking past midnight to 2am. Those nights involve me calling him frequently at his desk to insure he is still awake with periodic calls for prayer at difficult spots in whatever has the deadline the next morning, and a late call to talk him home. They only happen a few times a year and they are always inevitable. They are the deadline that closely follows another one, so that no matter what, he has that one night that makes him want to sleep in Friday and take a long hot bath when he wakes and hide from the kids until at least noon. It might not have been so bad except he left the office to be at a doctor's appointment at 3 and sat in the waiting room until almost 5 and didn't get back into his office until shortly before 6. I felt really bad, I've used this doctor before and I've always been in and out in about an hour, of course I always take the first appointment of the day too.

I did do Jonathan one major favor tonight, so his time with the kids before bed is more pleasant tomorrow. I read the sad (someone died) chapter in the book we've been reading at night. At least tomorrow he doesn't have to incur the anguished cries of the kids or deal with the struggle of not crying himself. I'll admit I failed. Yep, I cried and 5 minutes later got bashed in the head.

Good times.

Now I'm going to call and see if JR is asleep at his desk or still chugging along.

Good night.

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