Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Divine Conspirator

Jeremy mentioned in the comments that he had attempted reading The Divine Conspiracy, and thought that maybe he should give it another try.  

This is a book that I am finding is easiest to process while reading out loud and with a pencil to mark things I find important (I’m glad I bought it).  This is very hard for me, even in school textbooks.  I just detest marking books up.  Hearing it, seeing it and making notes is improving my processing, unfortunately it is taking a long time to do this (reading allowed requires quiet children).  I’m only on page 10.  This book is written by a man who means and uses every word he puts to print.  It’s evident to me why I am a science and math person and not a philosophy person.

Here is a little interesting info on the author.  I thought this was a good article about who this man is and where he comes from as a Christian and a USC Philosophy professor.

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Jeremy said...

That's a fantastic article on Willard!