Monday, October 02, 2006

Yuck and stuff

I know blogging has been light and almost entirely about my family since having the twins, and it will continue in this pattern for a while.  Today though I am going to be selfish and talk about me.

Readers Digest Version of events:

I got a cut and color Friday and I had Mindi pink (it’s more of a fuchsia) streak my hair.  Yes it’s a bit off the wall, but I needed a crazy change.  It’s different and kind of neat.   I’ll find out later this month if it clashes with the dresses for Staci’s wedding.  If it does I’ll change it, other wise I think I’ll keep it, but darken the rest of my hair a bit more.  Instead of blond with brown and pink streaks I’ll make it Brown with blond and pink streaks.

I have a stomach bug and working out, eating and most everything else is going on the back burner.  The kids are getting loads of TV time.  I’ve lost 2 lbs today already.  Thankfully when I decided this wasn’t going away, I had the things the doctor said I could take and I don’t have to load up the kids to go in and get checked.

And the beat goes on…

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