Monday, December 11, 2006


I can officially say I’m finished decorating and I’m almost finished shopping. I need to take and post pictures. The tree is done, the stairs are done, I bought stockings and a tree skirt Saturday and we wrapped packages Friday. This has been a real experience for us.

I think I have Jackson convinced not to take the ornaments off the tree, finally. We only decorated the entryway. We are desperately trying to de-ugly the house and too much will get in the way of progress.

Dang, the mail just came and I got my first Christmas card. Now I have to find something to do with these! Okay, I thought I was done at least this isn’t much.

I’ll take and post pics soon. It turned out cool. I decorated the tree the lazy womans way. I stuck artificial poinsettia heads on the tree so we didn’t have as many ornaments to put on (the kids lost interest fast).

In other news illness has passed, Jonathan felt bad yesterday, but he’s okay today. At least when he's sick the mess hits the trashcan and toilet. I now have to finish the laundry and mop the living room and office (I love hardwood floors). I managed to take the chair cushion out of its cover and took Lysol to it and I upholstery cleaned the cover last night. The kids are still tired. I’m the only one left standing (not counting the babies), lets see if I can last.

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