Monday, December 04, 2006

Could I be anymore stupid?

Yesterday afternoon we went sledding. Someone had made a great snow ramp. We all slid down the hill. We all took the ramp. We all sat at the emergency room, after I thought I broke my tailbone. I was there for 7 hours. It took me 5 to get into an exam room. It isn’t broken, but it is bruised very badly. I’m not even supposed to pick up the babies. My in-laws have been a huge help and stayed last night and they are here to help me today.

Well, you know what they say…it’s all fun and games until someone looses an eye (or bruises their tailbone).

Yes, I cried like a baby-thankfully my family were the only people there at the moment.


Noillirac said...

Did you freak the kids out?

Jeremy said...

Ouch, that had to have hurt! God was looking out for you.

P.S. You and Tiffany must have been separated at birth because both of you get "lose" and "loose" mixed up. It really cracks me up - haha