Thursday, December 28, 2006


I'm not sure if you use this site, but I do. I get stories a lot in my inbox that I just don't believe, so I check them out on Snopes. I received one from my husband about the Brazilian plane crash, and since they produce parts for Embraer the guys at work asked him to have me check it's validity. Why they couldn't I don't know, maybe they can't remember the site name, so it came to me to check.

When I received the e-mail snopes had no information regarding this e-mail on their site. I sent them an e-mail on the 6th of December with a copy of the e-mail and pictures and on the 8th of December there was a link to the story. I feel pretty cool. I got to submit a story to Snopes (I wasn't the only one, but I still feel cool).

If you ever get an e-mail, and you think can this possibly be true, check it out. It's definitely worth checking instead of sending on crazy or wrong info.


Noillirac said...

We always check snopes first thing when we get a suspicious e-mail. I hate thinking that I might be the pawn for someone idiot's game.

Jeremy said...

I think I checked them out a few years ago for an email on a child with some rare disease.