Tuesday, April 24, 2007

E-Mail Overload (UPDATED)

Do you ever open your e-mail box and find it is too full to possibly sort through or read?

Last week I went through my inbox. I hadn't been opening my forwards and I had been bad about deleting things I knew I wouldn't or didn't need to open. I had 195 unread e-mails. I had almost 400 in my inbox. I decided I needed to clean it out. Did I read most of the forwards i received? Sadly, no. I read a few that the titles caught my eye and everything my husband sent, that was it. I know have 74 e-mails and all have been read. There are a few that are funny and I would like to share, so as I continue to clean out my inbox (I'm pushing for 20 or less) I will post several funny or thought provoking e-mails.

I'm down to 50.

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