Thursday, April 26, 2007


I'm down to 28.

Everyone has a cough at our house right now. I'm not sure if it's a cold or just allergies.

We re coming to the end of a lot of our current activities and our school year. PE ended Tuesday for the spring. We have 3 weeks left of AWANA. We have about 4 weeks left of dance and a recital. Soccer was to end on the 5th, but we had a game rained out. Now our season is extended to the 12th, but we have a family reunion that day and won't be here. Our coaches are considering a tournament the same day as V's recital the 19th. We'll see how it all goes down. This spring has been fun, but wild.

May 4th and 5th are busy for us. We have the homeschool convention in OKC (we are just going to the vender's to pick up and finalize our curriculum selection Friday AM). Jonathan also wants to got o the Pawnee Steam and Gas Engine Show and our soccer game is at 10:30 Saturday.

We are going to have to start gating. The babies have each climbed a step now. They each have 2 teeth, but I believe they are working on more.

Jackson is in the terrible three's (terrible two's are a lie). Issues at 2 are a lack of communication and 3's are open defiance. He might live if he's lucky. Ha! Ha!

Jonathan has been made the program engineer are a new Cessna project and he's busy, but things are going well.

I start school at the end of May and I am taking 3 hours this summer (Macro Econ) and 6 this fall (Micro Econ and Music Appreciation).

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