Friday, March 07, 2008

The tall and SHORT of it. (UPDATED)

Short women may live longer.

Yeah, for me I'm only 5'2".

I can verify we are meaner.


Jeremy said...

My neighbor swears that shorter women are meaner, however. I'm not going to say more than than since I married a shorty.

On another note, I do recall a dance involving someone on a chair...haha

Wai said...

My ex-girlfriend was only 5'2" and she was downright ornery at times. At other times, she was all lovey-dovey. These days, I'm content to be by myself, hang out with my friends, do as I please and not have to deal with stuff like that. Of course, when I find the right one, it's gonna be magic!

Anonymous said...

You know, my wife is short, although in honesty I couldn't answer as to how short...I just never cared about her height.

Also, I have been happily married with her for 39 wonderful years. As for the meanness, I can attest that she threw a knife once.....

....well, it was thrown into the dishwater during an argument over some little thing.

On another occasion, during an argument, I found myself really getting heated up and I reached out to grip her shoulders and push her back so that she would be out of my reach. (My temper is a terrible thing to see, once I reach that high threshold.) I was nearing that threshold and I didn't want to be put her in danger of that temper.

However, after I pushed her back, she layed into me like nothing I had EVER seen. Needless to say, she has my utmost respect as to her capabilities.

Again, I love her deeply and look forward to many more years with her.