Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Little Rock (UPDATED)

Jonathan is on his longest business trip ever...4 days...ya, he'll be back soon. As he got ready to leave and we woke the kids this morning Jackson threw up. Later this morning Owen pulled last night pizza box down and covered his white onesie, himself and the couch in red sauce. I took pictures. I called Jonathan to laugh and warn him I could be in a straight jacket by Friday. I'll dump my camera and post the pictures later.

I promise, I'm not worried or complaining, it's just funny how weird things get when I'm on my own.


Jackson at his peak was running 104.2 last night. He's normal this morning...correction his temperature is normal. He's my kid, normal is not normal to us.

Without further ado here is "Little Red."

Yes, he's sucking on his fingers while I hold his wrists.


Babystepper said...

Yeah, kids seem to know when Mom is going through a rough time. It's a skill they develop early on.

I will never forget having to rush Zaya to the ER with asthma while Art was on a business trip in CA.

wai said...

As long as you got your semi-auto on ya during the day and under your pillow at night, you should be alright.