Thursday, September 11, 2008

I made her cry.

Today during V's homeschool Bible lessons we were discussing other religions. Since we are doing world geography and cultures as our emphasis this year it's part of the conversation. We did 3 days worth of work. We discussed Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. After discussing Islam I thought of how the book didn't mention jihad. So we touched briefly on the topic. Then I realized it was 9/11. I decided it was an appropriate time to show her the video of what she saw at the age of 1. We watch the 2nd plane hit. We watch the towers fall. We cried. We cried for the many innocent who died and those brave firefighters and police officers who risked and gave up their lives. The lesson about jihad turned to a lesson of sacrifice. I've only seen the towers fall once in the last 7 years (not counting the first few days after it happened). It was as emotionally wrenching today as it was then. It broke her little heart and we called it a day for school. Most of the most impacting lessons aren't found in a text book, they are found in the lives, examples and experiences we see. I hope my life, Christian faith, and example will have a great impact on my children's life and education like the sacrifices they see in history.


Babystepper said...

That's something she won't soon forget. I'm glad you're showing her what the world can be like, and teaching her compassion at the same time.

wai said...

You're a good momma.