Friday, July 31, 2009


This will be short, as the story and discomfort are long and weird. The person mentioned in this post, may not read my blog, but I was unwilling to take that chance. That is why the blog has a new name and address.

I posted on Facebook something I was doing and this person drove 2 hours to my house just to chat, when she thought I would be home. No warning, no call (even though she's called me in the past, she acted like she didn't have my number). She has cut her hair very short (much like mine), is driving the same kind of car, and is now homeschooling other people's children. There is more to the story, but we would be here all day. I have questioned for years if this person has compulsive lying issues and I've determined that it is in my best interest to sever ties, non-confrontationally.

My first attempt was to block her on Facebook. Then I started receiving e-mails from mutual friends that she couldn't find me. I e-mailed them and said I was deactivating my account, which I did until I blocked all mutual friends. She requesting to follow me on Twitter also, I never tweet, but after 2 requests I closed the account. I have gone to the lengths of removing my name and phone number from Whitepage and Google searches online.

As I said before, if I want drama and discomfort I have kids for that. We will now return to your irregularly scheduled babble.

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Wai said...

Damn. That's crazy.