Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In light of recent events

I never imagined that I would have privacy issues in my own little Internet world. I'm insignificant and small. Very few read my stuff who don't know me, but even at that those few have become friends (Hi, Wai-waving like a crazy woman).

Unfortunately that has changed. Discomfort has come in the form of an old acquaintance who I feel is overstepping boundaries.

This blog may go temporally to invite only. I haven't decided yet. It isn't like I've posted much lately (yes, I'm a slacker). I'll give you warning so if I don't have your e-mail I can get it. I've also limited who can see my myspace, twitter (not that I tweet often), and I've deactivated facebook for the time being.

I'm a tired mother of 4 going on 5. I don't need drama or discomfort...that's what I had kids for.

My security and that of my family is too important. What bothers me is this discomfort is coming from someone I know, not a stranger. Shouldn't it be the strangers that freak me out?


Carina said...

OK, so now all of us are thinking...wait, wait...I'm an old acquaintance! Is it me? You'll have to e-mail me with reassurances. And if you don't...well, then I'll know, I guess. =)

Wai said...

Waving back!!!!!!