Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Bible

I bought Jonathan a new Bible. He has started teaching our Sunday school classes and he prefers studying books of the Bible. I have a Life Application Study Bible and he has been using it in some of his preparations, leaving me with my small pocket Bible that I used to put in my purse and backpack for years (it's little). His personal Bible has no notes, just some cross referencing.

I ran to Mardel after a doctors appointment in Tulsa on Wednesday and bought him a new Bible. I didn't buy him the same one I have. I thought different notes might help in lesson preparation. I bought him an Archaeological Study Bible (no I didn't spend the price on the link on it, it was priced at $35-YES!). Now he has explanation and history between the 2. I hope he likes it and that it serves him well in his lesson preparation. Well see what he thinks when he gets home.

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Carina said...

Art just got an Amplified Bible for a little extra Study help.