Sunday, July 16, 2006

A quick rundown

Here I am moments after loading the car and moments before exiting for the hospital. I swear that beach ball was going to pop. Here I am 5-7 days after having the boys. Now that it's been 2 1/2 weeks my belly is almost gone. I just can't wait for my hips to return to normal and to loose the last half of the weight (if that ever really happens).
This is Owen under and oxygen hood in his isolete. It was tough not being able to really touch him. The little doors in the sided just weren't enough to satisfy me.

Alex was under an oxygen hood to, but he wasn't completely enclosed. He was easier to love on. The isolete didn't stop Victoria from getting up close, holding hands, saying prayers, singing songs and reading books to Owen. She did the same things for Alex too.
Jackson loves the boys, but he'd still rather play. He was only allowed into the NICU in short bursts, because he would yell at the babies to "Get UP!" He refers to them as "My Baby" or "My Babies".
Alex's little foot. With the flash off this picture looks like the light in ET's finger is in his foot.
After they removed the Umbilical Arterial Catheter (UAC) I was allowed to hold Alex. We weren't allowed to hold Owen until the next day when his was removed. On this day they removed Owen from a private room in the NICU to the room where most of the babies were, and to the station next to Alex.
Here is Jonathan holding them both together for the first time. At this point they were hooked up to normal IV's so this was a close as we could get them without disconnecting something. You can't see it, but they each have a NG tube in their nose to eat through. Who thought up the idea of eating through your nose? I always hate it when things come out my nose in laughter. Naturally the boys had to have theirs reinserted at least once a day, because they ripped them out.
Owen is screaming (he doesn't cry he shrieks), I guess it's time to change his pants or feed him. I'll go wake Alex too.


Jeremy said...

What great looking family!

rachel said...

So glad they're home!